16" MacBook Pro lagging whilst typing

June 10, 2021 at 21:39

I bought a brand new 16" MacBook Pro 1 TB on Tuesday, When I am typing it seems to freeze for a split second then carry on. So yesterday I went back to the apple store I bought it from and they decided to give me a replacement. And now on the replacement I am facing the same issue. I have tried doing a SMC and PRAM reset but still no difference, and also when I got the replacement I set up the computer as a new machine and manually transferred all my files over, so there was no time machine backup etc.

I booked a genius bar appointment again for today, they advised me to reinstall Big Sur and try the computer with a fresh install. I still get the exact same issue with a proper fresh install....

When I first got them they were running macOS Catalina and I updated them to Big Sur - 11.4 .

Can the 16" run Big sur? My 2019 iMac runs it fine and that only has an i5.

Any suggestions would very much be appreciated!

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