Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handler Enables Full Automation of Thermoforming Process From: BMG Group

January 25, 2023 at 02:30

BMG (Beaverton, MI) announced the Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handler from NAS Nalle Automation Systems, a robotic automated system that handles the flow of parts ejected from any trim press.

This compact, intuitive and configurable system enables full automation of the entire thermoforming process — from resin to palletized product — for medium to high volume production lines using either non-servo continuous flow or servo-driven long eject trim presses.

Features include:

Trim Press Receiver (TPR) which uses a unique separating mechanism to count and contain stacks of product

Raking mechanism to take the product into the receiver for transfer by the robot

Six-axis robot equipped with product matching End of Arm Tooling that automatically transfers the product to a Shuttle Station

Compatibility with all trim presses

Incorporating the robot allows the Mantis system to be compact and configurable, making installation possible where the available floor space is limited or obstructed.

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