What are my options for replacing failed Late 2015 iMac 512GB SSD?

March 18, 2023 at 18:34

Appreciate any help on this...

I have a late 2015 27" Retina iMac with 32 GB RAM, and it has a 512GB SSD (not fusion).

What are my options for replacing the SSD, given the performance of the computer has been totally good for me?

- Possible Apple SSD (if available, but spendy)

- Did not appear to be eligible for OWC's replacements, but happy to hear if there is an option (note, it came with factory SSD, only)

- Would it make sense to use an external SSD in a thunderbolt? enclosure in lieu of the internal drive, and to boot from that?

- What other options do I have?

Note: This machine will not have OS support, beginning sometime later this year, but I need to check into ways to bypass those restrictions and run a newer OS... I think that is an option.

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