Anthony Wimpey Plumbing in Lawrenceville Reveals Signs Indicating a Water Heater Replacement Is Needed

March 07, 2023 at 17:27

Anthony Wimpey Plumbing is helping Lawrenceville, Georgia, residents understand the five helpful signs that indicate an issue with conventional water heaters. The plumbing company reveals five tell-tale signs of hot water heater issues not to ignore. Call a plumber for water heater services as soon as possible after seeing any of these warning signs.

Most home water heaters have an estimated life span of about 8 to 12 years, which varies based on installation quality, water hardness, and equipment maintenance quality. Sooner or later, homeowners will most likely experience water heater problems that require a repair or a complete replacement. There are five helpful signs to watch out for that indicate an issue with conventional water heaters.

According to Anthony Wimpey Plumbing, the first sign that homeowners should look out first sign is the color of their hot water. Water from hot water taps should be clear. If it is murky, cloudy, or rusty in color, this is a sign that the home water heating system is failing. Sacrificial anodes are installed inside hot water heater storage tanks to preserve structural integrity and prevent rusting. The recommendation is to replace these anodes about every five years. Otherwise, the tank will begin to rust and pose a significant health risk.

Secondly, check the temperature of the hot water. Suppose homeowners find themselves without consistent hot water. A lack of hot water is another sign of a water heater failure. Another sign that a water heater is malfunctioning is the inability to produce consistent hot water. Malfunctioning water heaters that are starting to fail do not heat water consistently. Homeowners will notice having less hot water or water temperatures that are warm and never hot. A water heater's inability to supply hot water is a condition that will not improve. However, a replacement water heater will solve the problem.

Listen for the next sign of water heater failure. Strange banging and rattling sounds from a tank water heater can indicate a faulty heating element in electric models. In other water heaters, hammering points to mineral scale and sediment debris in the tank. Sediment buildup is more significant in areas with hard water. Anthony Wimpey Plumbing recommends that homeowners schedule regular hot water system maintenance services, which can identify faults before they become significant issues.

Fourth, look for signs of water heater leaks. A leaking water heater needs urgent maintenance and often a replacement. After identifying a leak, no matter how small, call an emergency plumber. Timing is essential, with prompt service, a repair may be possible. And replacing the water heater may not be necessary.

Finally, with gas hot water systems, a rotten egg smell is a sign of a gas leak which poses considerable risks. Report suspected gas leaks in an abundance of caution. In addition, the pilot light in a water heater should burn a blue flame. Pay attention to a yellow pilot light flame on a gas hot water heater. A yellow flame indicates insufficient oxygen for the flame to combust correctly. This is another significant sign of a failing conventional water heater.

Anthony Wimpey Plumbing has served homeowners in Gwinnett, North Fulton, and DeKalb County for over 30 years. Customers with traditional and tankless water heaters can rely on the company to fix any problems with their equipment. In addition, with regular hot water system servicing, property owners can identify faults in their water heaters before they become significant issues.

The company's range of plumbing services includes emergency plumbing, faucet repair, garbage disposal repair, sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, toilet repair, water heater installation and repair, water line repair, water line replacement, and more.

Anthony Wimpey Plumbing has built up a solid reputation in its service area for delivering quality, affordable plumbing services. The overwhelmingly positive reception it has received from Georgians is evident in its Google Business Profile, which has a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5.0 rating from over 40 reviews. The company cites strong word of mouth as the reason behind its longevity and how it has distinguished itself from its competitors.

Unlike other plumbing companies, callers talk to a plumber upon contacting Anthony Wimpey Plumbing. There needs to be an office staff to go through to set up an appointment. Anthony Wimpey Plumbing's experienced crew is ready to serve customers directly with its fleet of fully equipped trucks. The fast and responsive service is one of the reasons that Georgia residents keep returning to it for all their plumbing needs.

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