ArtResin Unveils Line Of Resin Colorants, Tints & Pigments

January 31, 2023 at 17:11

Carrollton, Texas -

TX based ArtResin would like to reach out to all artists who may be looking for quality resin tints. They have a collection of premium resin tints that are used to color and create stunning effects at resin art projects. The resins come in different colors and sizes and can be used for a wide variety of projects. ArtResin is quickly becoming the preferred supplier of resin colorant products for the community at large, due in part to their wide collection and commitment to providing excellent quality. They invite artists to browse their collection of resin products on the ArtResin online store to find the right resin colorant and epoxy resin pigment for all the creative projects they are working on.

“Dreaming of the brightest and boldest colors for your resin art? Look no further than ResinTint,” says the company. “From metallics to neons and solid tints, ResinTint has everything you need to elevate the beauty of your resin art projects. ResinTint’s vibrant colorants and pigments are perfect for crafting resin geodes, jewelry making, petri art, river tables, ocean art, colorful coasters, resin flow art and many more home decor items made from epoxy resin. ResinTint colorants were designed to work perfectly with ArtResin, our high quality, crystal-clear and non-toxic epoxy resin and hardener. Color tints are available in pink, orange, yellow, green, red, purple, black and blue for richly saturated hues that can be mixed with our white, neon and metallic colorants to create your own custom color blends and dyes. Whatever you need to kickstart your epoxy resin creations, we’ve got you covered!”

The resin tints come in easy-to-use squeeze bottles that allow the artist a greater degree of control over how much tint they add. ResinTint colorants are highly concentrated, meaning that even a very small amount goes a long way. An artist need not add a large amount to achieve great results, and this is what makes ResinTint one of the most cost effective resin tint options available on the market. Their colorants are also non-toxic, non-flammable and generally very safe for home use, so artists are free to pursue their creative passions without worrying about their safety.

ArtResin began when David and Rebecca, the founders, discovered their love of resin. They both developed a strong passion for resin around the same time but could not find resin products that met all their needs. As such, they set out to create their own: ArtResin, a clear and safe resin product that is easy and safe to use. Their products are now available for artists everywhere to enjoy, and there are a number of videos on their YouTube channel explaining how the resins can be utilized.

A number of customers have left excellent reviews of ArtResin’s products. One glowing review says, “This is the first time I have ever worked with Resin. It was so easy, and it came out great! My second try was more challenging as a bubble appeared overnight — so I had to sand and re-resin — but again, it looks great! Love the product. Great instructional videos and Q&A’s. Also love the art resin torch. Super easy to use.”

Another five-star review states, “The best thing about this resin is that it is safe! No VOCs mean that I can work with it and not worry about hurting my pets or myself. Art resin has a long work time but this work time shortens with age. This means that your old resin will cure quicker than your newer resin. I only buy my art resin from here, because even though Amazon might be able to deliver the resin sooner, I can't be sure of the freshness. As far as I can tell, this resin does not get hot either, so I'm not scared that my trash will burst into flames! Honestly, this is a fantastic product, and I refuse to use anything else.”

Visit ArtResin’s Pinterest for examples of some of the art that has been produced using their resin. More information can be found on the company’s website.


For more information about ArtResin, contact the company here:

Rebecca Zak
(877) 401-4001
2300 Apollo Circle
Carrollton, TX 75006


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