Brinton Vision Informs Patients About Contact Lens Overwear Syndrome

October 27, 2022 at 23:42

St. Louis, Missouri -

An article was recently published on the Brinton Vision blog about Contact Lens Overwear Syndrome. About 41 million Americans wear contact lenses, most of which will eventually develop ocular issues from prolonged usage, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Brinton Vision explains in the article what contact lens overwear syndrome is, how to spot its symptoms, and what treatment and prevention methods are available.

Brinton Vision explains that contact lens overwear syndrome, as its name suggests, is a condition that develops when a patient wears contact lenses longer than is healthy. Long-term contact lens wear can cause them to accumulate dirt and bacteria, eventually obstructing oxygen flow to the eye. When these things occur, the wearer of contacts may experience redness, ocular pain, impaired vision, dry eye syndrome, and other unpleasant symptoms.

The article goes on to explain to readers how contact overwear syndrome is treated. According to Brinton Vision, removing contact lenses and resting the eyes until an eye doctor gives the all-clear to reintroduce them is the first step in treating contact lens overwear. An ophthalmologist may suggest calming eye drops for mild irritation or a procedure to aid in producing healthy tears.

Prevention of contact lens overwear syndrome is also explained, and information on what to do if contact lens overwear syndrome is suspected. The article also answers questions about if contact lens intolerance can be cured and what happens if contact lenses are worn for over thirty days. In summary, Brinton Vision offers a solution to readers for contact lens overwear syndrome. They provide a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether someone has a lens intolerance. The experts at Brinton Vision will consult with patients about other refractive error correction options, such as LASIK laser eye surgery, which can significantly enhance visual acuity without the discomfort of contacts or glasses.

Brinton Vision is a state-of-the-art vision correction practice in Creve Couer, Missouri. Brinton Vision is the only full-time refractive surgery center in Missouri specializing in LASIK and its six modern variations, including SBK, SMILE, Visian ICL, KAMRA Inlay, RLE (refractive lens exchange), and PRK. For more information about vision correction, visit or call (314) 375-2020.


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