Builder Lead Converter Explains How a Home Builder Can Resell and Referral Sell Past Clients

April 01, 2022 at 16:02

Builder Lead Converter, a company based in Prior Lake, MN, has recently published a blog post that explains how home builders and remodeling companies can resell and referral sell past clients. This can be accessed through the Builder Lead Converter Evernote shared notebook. In a video included in the article, it is pointed out that referrals and reselling to past clients are strategies that have been underutilized. But word-of-mouth marketing remains a basic tool for generating leads that can be converted into new clients. Plus, reselling to past clients takes less time and effort because existing customers are already familiar with the business and most important of all is they already trust the company.

To be able to use reselling and referral selling, home builders need to have happy and very satisfied clients. These satisfied customers will likely go back to the home builder if they need another project to be done, or more importantly, they will likely recommend the home builder to family and friends who have a home building or remodeling project.

Builder Lead Converter describes what happens when a home builder has already completed a project. After project completion, it is important to remain at the top of the clients' minds and continue to produce referrals and repeat business from them. It is important to let customers feel confident about their decision to choose the business for their specific need. It is essential to reinforce their belief in the business, which is preparation for that time when they need the services of the business again or they have someone they know who needs the services of the home builder. The above-mentioned article can also be accessed through the Builder Lead Converter Tumblr site.

Builder Lead Converter offers services that help with the sales and marketing of home builders and remodeling companies. One is the done-for-you Revenue & Profit system that will position the client’s company for long term growth by boosting their average sales price and profit margin on every sale made. This is important because of today’s labor shortage and supply chain problems that limit the number of projects that a home builder can deliver in one month. Their Revenue & Profit system is used for a period of more than 90 days to increase revenue and margins by using six proprietary tools that will bring the business to the next level and position for growth in any market condition.

Another service provided by Builder Lead Converter is hands-free appointment booking through their Lead Connector chat widget. In addition, they can also provide sales automation by capturing, converting, and closing new home and remodeling professional’s leads, allowing the client to focus on other important issues. During the capture stage, they will plug opportunity leaks from the website by introducing lead magnets and if requested, drive more opportunities through Facebook and Google ads. Meanwhile, referral leads are produced by establishing an excellent online reputation through positive online reviews.

Next, Builder Lead Converter follows up with every lead, booking appointments for the client’s sales team and working each lead until they finally buy. They will help fill the client’s sales pipeline with satisfied homeowners that can help bring in new customers through referrals, boost the number of proposals, produce testimonials from feedback, and provide better credibility as the home builder of choice.

Launched in 2006, Builder Lead Converter is composed of a team of professionals who serve as a sales and marketing assistant for home builders and remodeling companies. Their goal is to double the productivity of new home builders and remodeling salespeople by providing them with the most suitable sales assistant. They serve as the perfect sales assistant, enabling the home builders and remodelers to do what they do best, which is to design, sell, and construct new homes and do remodeling projects.

People who would like to know more about reselling and referral selling past clients can go to the Builder Lead Converter Wordpress article. They can also visit their website, or contact them through the telephone.


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