Cambre & Associates Expanding Personal Injury Services to North Druid Hills, GA

December 08, 2022 at 01:00

Cambre & Associates - Injury & Accident Lawyers have recently expanded its personal injury services to North Druid Hills, GA, providing local citizens with the opportunity to access their professional expertise. The Cambre & Associates firm offers a wide range of legal help and support in various personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, auto accidents, workers' compensation, wrongful death, and more. In addition to providing comprehensive legal counsel to victims of injury and wrongful death, the firm also focuses on negotiating settlements and filing lawsuits when necessary. Cambre & Associates - Injury & Accident Lawyers are dedicated to helping clients through every step of the process, from initial case assessment to final resolution. The attorneys have a wealth of experience dealing with big and small companies and individuals facing personal injury issues. They understand that each case is unique and requires specialized attention, which is why they strive to provide the highest quality representation with personalized service tailored to meet each client's individual needs. By expanding their services into North Druid Hills, Cambre & Associates are ensuring local communities have access to excellent legal counsel for all their personal injury concerns.

Personal injury lawyers play an essential role in providing legal protection for injury victims. Knowledgeable and experienced in the intricacies of accident and injury law, these professionals are well-equipped to fight for their client's rights by navigating the complexities of the legal system. Specialized knowledge of the laws governing personal injury cases can protect victims from being taken advantage of by insurance companies who may seek to minimize or even eliminate compensation. Additionally, a qualified lawyer can help ensure that all relevant evidence is obtained, including medical records and photos of any injuries that may have been sustained during an accident. Lastly, these experts will strive to get the maximum recovery for their clients, allowing them to access appropriate medical care and other resources necessary for a complete recovery from the trauma of a personal injury.


With experience in a wide range of personal injury cases, Cambre & Associates Law Firm is well-equipped to fight for its client's rights and get them the compensation they deserve. For this reason, Cambre & Associates Law Firm expanded its services to include residents of North Druid Hills, GA. This ensures that all personal injury victims in the area have access to better legal representation.

In 2021, Georgia saw a dramatic increase in the number of personal injury victims. According to recent reports, the average number of people injured due to accidents or other incidents has risen by almost 15 percent over the last year. Nearly 8,000 individuals have sought medical attention for injuries related to a personal injury incident in Georgia in 2021. This increase is particularly concerning since it shows that many residents are at an increased risk for severe or life-altering injuries.

What is even more concerning is that out of these 8,000 individuals seeking medical attention for a personal injury incident, up to half experienced significantly severe and long-term consequences as a result. These effects can include broken bones and spinal cord damage, chronic pain, nerve damage, and permanent disability. Furthermore, specific demographics are more likely to suffer such extreme effects than others. Specifically, individuals over 55 years of age and those living in lower socio-economic areas are more likely to suffer significant injury or disability as a consequence of their accident or incident.

Fortunately, many states have implemented legislation that allows victims of personal injuries to pursue legal action against those responsible. This includes Georgia, which has several different laws pertaining to cases involving strict liability and negligence, allowing those who have been wrongfully injured due to someone else's actions or negligence the opportunity for compensation for their suffering.

According to Glenn T. Cambre Jr., "The Cambre & Associates Law Firm recognized a lack of quality personal injury attorneys in North Druid Hills. Therefore, its legal services have been expanded so all personal injury victims in North Druid Hills can have access to better legal representation. North Druid Hills citizens deserve the same quality advice on filing a personal injury suit as Georgia residents in bigger cities."

The Cambre & Associates - Injury & Accident Lawyers dedication has been recognized by both peers and clients alike for their commitment to justice and helping personal injury victims obtain fair settlements for their losses. They are experienced trial lawyers who have a deep understanding of the laws related to personal injuries and how they affect individuals financially and emotionally. With compassion and expertise, Cambre & Associates strive to represent each client with the utmost dedication and care. The firm's attorneys understand that the process of seeking damages can be daunting, which is why they offer personalized guidance throughout the entire process all while actively keeping their clients informed every step of the way.


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