Chicago Website Design SEO Company's Free SEO Audit Gives Businesses a Unique Advantage

February 15, 2023 at 00:30

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), the city’s premier search engine optimization agency, is helping businesses and entrepreneurs build a thriving customer base online. Business owners are urged to get started by signing up for its free 21-point website audit.

CWDSC begins by analyzing the customer’s existing website and noting areas for improvement. A large checklist of simple and straightforward optimizations is created that can improve the website’s key metrics. The tasks can then be prioritized based on urgency and ROI. CWDSC’s flexible services also mean that business owners can choose to pay for the services that will yield the best results in the short term and then draft a strategy that can also drive long-term traffic. To make sure that customers understand every aspect of the report, CWDSC also offers them a free 30-minute consultation to go along with it.

The highly data-driven audit encompasses a wide range of areas for search engine optimization. This includes checking whether the website’s code uses all the requisite HTML tags and structure for maximum search engine friendliness, content analysis to determine whether the right keywords are used to rank higher in search results, examining the company’s reputation with the target audience by looking at the reviews it is getting, whether the best local SEO practices are being followed, whether the website has a responsive design that lives up to modern standards, and much more.

Jack Lombardi, the CEO of CWDSC, talks about why his company is miles ahead of the competition by saying, “SEO, though it relies on trackable metrics such as web traffic, conversion, click-through rate, and more, is not an exact science. There is, undoubtedly, an art to creating a web presence that draws in customers and compels them to pay for your products and services. So, depending on the experience and reputation of the company, you will find a lot of variation between the quality of content, optimization, and service that you receive from different agencies. At CWDSC, our team of professional SEO experts has been doing this for decades. We have mastered the art of SEO and distilled it down to a repeatable process that is assured to get you results. When you come to us, you will see a tangible ROI for your investment instead of wasting thousands of dollars on flavor-of-the-month SEO strategies that disappoint.”

Businesses in Chicago and nearby areas have praised Chicago Website Design SEO Company profusely for its high-quality SEO services and customer service. On its Google Business Profile, the Chicago SEO agency has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 overall rating from 60 reviews. One reviewer recounts their experience with the company and Jack by saying, “We just started working with Jack and his team and we already see the difference. Our website looks more professional and represents our business and we are getting more compliments about how it looks. I believe this is the best decision my wife and I made.”

Another reviewer notes the versatility of CWDSC’s SEO services by saying, “If you are looking for the best SEO company, CWDSC is what you need. The company promised to take my site to the top of search engine result pages, and this is what I got. They do not just handle your site, they extend the services to your social media, press releases, and reputation management. My website was shambolic but now it is organized and has started bringing in serious sales. These are the kind of services that change your business positively. I highly recommend.”

Readers in Chicago can get in touch with CWDSC and Jack Lombardi for the free 21-point SEO audit report at (312) 448-8310 or submit their business’s information on its website. Business owners can also follow the CWDSC press room to stay updated with the agency’s news and announcements. While CWDSC's main office is located in Chicago, IL, it also has offices in 7 other major cities and services 76 towns.


For more information about Chicago Website Design SEO Company, contact the company here:

Chicago Website Design SEO Company
Jack Lombardi
(312) 448-8310
Chicago Website Design SEO Company
10 S. Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL. 60606
(312) 448-8310


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