Clean Group CEO Talks About the Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney NSW

December 29, 2022 at 16:54

Sydney, New South Wales -

Clean Group is a Westmead, NSW headquartered company that fully recognizes the fact that a business is under no obligation to hire professional commercial cleaning services to help keep their premises tidy. That’s why when representatives of the company meet with a prospective Sydney client for a scheduled, no-cost onsite cleaning services quote, they always go over with them the extensive list of reasons why hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is the best way to go. It’s also a subject that Clean Group’s CEO, Suji Siv, was prepared to talk about in more detail. Siv says, “It’s incredible how much the demand for our commercial cleaning services here at Clean Group has grown over the years. We feel that it’s a testament to the impact that regular and thorough professional cleaning can have on a business environment. The importance of the proper cleaning of any business should never be underestimated because a clean work environment impacts everything from customers’ attitudes toward a business to its employees’ physical wellbeing.”

The Clean Group CEO says that Sydney professional commercial cleaning benefits start with the amount of time and headaches it saves the owners or management team of a business. They don’t have to worry about establishing a cleaning department that is often staffed with lightly trained personnel whose cleaning work must be constantly overseen. This leaves those owners and management personnel more time to concentrate on business activities that more directly impact how successful a company is. He says that not only will it outsourcing professional cleaning services save valuable time for those that run a business, but the representatives at Clean Group can also show company owners and managers how this will save them money too. Siv also talked about how hiring commercial cleaners that are well-trained and experienced such as their professional cleaning teams will keep a business much cleaner. This includes their cleaning teams’ expertise in sanitizing bathrooms, keeping break & kitchen areas spotless, and knowing how to clean even the hardest-to-reach areas in an office or other workspace. A cleaner workspace is also known to promote overall employee health which leads to more productive employees that call in sick far less often. He lauded his employees’ ability to clean any work area with great attention to detail and how this better eliminates germs & bacteria and such irritants as dust & allergens. It was also pointed out that professional commercial cleaning teams have a proven system in place as to how to clean a business. Something that usually translates to faster cleaning times, so cleaning work has less impact on a company’s daily business routine.

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Siv also mentioned that there are other traits his reputable commercial cleaning company exhibits that go well above and beyond what most other cleaning companies provide. It starts with everyone at the company from the CEO on down being aware of how important exceptional customer service is to what they do. He stated it’s always the first subject that’s discussed with new employees when they come on board with them. It also was brought up by him that his company’s commercial cleaning crews benefit from Clean Group having over 20 years of experience doing this kind of work. There simply is no more trial and error when it comes to the commercial cleans that they do because they have had many years to perfect their cleaning techniques. This is something that also makes them one of the most respected and trusted commercial cleaners in the Sydney area. It also helps that they are an eco-friendly business that only uses non-toxic chemicals as they go about their work. That not only helps the environment but also keeps employees of the businesses they serve from encountering potentially harmful residuals that are left behind after toxic cleaning chemicals have been used. The company CEO says they even take all this one big step further by offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed commercial cleaning services.

Siv says that those businesses that would like to know more about their highly rated commercial cleaning Sydney services can schedule a no-obligation on-site cleaning consultation by calling them or filling out and sending in the form that’s found on the company’s website.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
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