Double Lotus Acupuncture in Grass Valley Just Announced a New Specialty in Gastrointestinal Health

April 06, 2023 at 22:14

Dr. Abbie Crimm opened Double Lotus Acupuncture in Grass Valley, CA in 2021 to provide Acupuncture and complementary medicine to the surrounding community. Dr. Crimm comes to the area after several years of working in functional medicine and natural supplement industries. Her background in nutritional counseling made her interest and expertise in Gastrointestinal health a natural inclination.

Recently, she added GI Map functional medicine testing from Diagnostic Solutions as an option to her patients. This stool sample test allows for detailed diagnostics that evaluate intestinal bacteria, fungi, parasties and various digestive functions. It is an advanced DNA test that is cutting edge and gives accurate results that allow the practitioner to make targeted recommendations for treatment. Those suffering from parasites, ulcers, H-pylori, and dysbiosis will greatly benefit from testing according to Dr. Crimm as she states that, "proper diagnosis allows for correct treatment and eradication of symptoms." Dr. Crimm's treatment methods include Acupuncture, Indigo Bio Feedback Therapy, Micro-current Therapy, Infra Red Sauna, Light Therapy, herbal formulations from the East Asian herbal pharmacy, full stock of supplements in the on site dispensary, and dietary advice from her years of nutritional counseling.

"Digestive health is the root of well being in the entire body. Once that is corrected, many other diseases and ailments resolve," Dr Crimm commented when discussing the importance of proper GI Map Functional Medicine testing. "With 90% of the immune system residing in the gastro-intestinal tract, and most of body's neurotransmitters made in the gastro-intestional tract, it is the most important place to start when beginnin got examine one's health."

Dr. Crimm also has several private labeled supplements she uses to repair gut lining and treat parasites to serve her patients. Additionally, Dr. Crimm also offers care for those suffering from pain, infertility, menopause, complex chronic illness, anxiety, and stress at Double Lotus Acupuncture in Grass Valley, California. She is known for her compassionate style and close listening skills.

Normal clinic hours are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Learn more at:


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