Dr. Jennifer Greer Named as Cleveland Magazine’s Top Doctor of 2023

September 07, 2023 at 23:20

Mentor, Ohio -

Mentor, OH — Everyone at Greer Plastic Surgery is thrilled to be awarded a spot – for the third year in a row — on the prestigious “Best Doctors” list by Cleveland Magazine. Dr. Greer has established a name for herself in Cleveland by owning her popular practice in Mentor, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Her caring nature and skilled work have made her practice a staple for patients in the greater Cleveland area, with her expertise being praised by both professionals and patients. Cleveland Magazine’s list is decided by ratings from peers, something especially notable as she hits 10 years of being a trusted female plastic surgeon in Cleveland while having completed 1000 liposuction cases as an additional milestone.

“I’m so honored to have made the 2023 list again,” said Dr. Greer. “Cleveland Magazine does such a wonderful job of reporting on things in the city and covering everything from culture to events, and I’m thrilled my colleagues and peers think I deserve this award again. It’s happening at a meaningful time in my plastic surgery practice because I’m also celebrating my 10th anniversary of doing the work I love. I’m also excited to have recently hit the milestone of 1000 liposuction surgeries performed. It’s wonderful to be recognized by my industry and this community.”

Dr. Jennifer Greer in Cleveland, OH

Part of what has made Dr. Greer a clear choice for Cleveland residents is her continued desire to perfect surgeries and patient outcomes. Known for maintaining an active social media presence, she regularly shares the details of various procedures with patients, emphasizing safety, results, and what to look for and consider when consulting with a surgeon.

“Technique and specialized skill are very important to me. Over the years I’ve fine-tuned one of my favorite surgeries – a breast lift with implants — so that I can create incredible results for my patients,” said Dr. Greer.

A breast lift, also referred to as a mastopexy, is a procedure where excess skin and tissues are removed by the surgeon, who then reshapes the breast tissue to change the elevation, size, contour, and positioning of the breasts. Implants are used depending on the desired outcome and the patient’s anatomy.

“Instead of releasing the pectoralis muscle where it attaches to the ribs, I leave the muscle entirely intact” continued Dr. Greer. “That way, if we’re using implants, they sit higher, and the rest of the breast is raised to match. Otherwise, the implant drops down into the remaining footprint, so to speak, of the natural breast mound, and isn’t as well supported because it’s being upheld by breast tissue alone. You also get the benefits of a more natural, youthful shape that is stable even throughout weight fluctuations.”

Dr. Greer is overwhelmingly pleased with this technique, as she believes the results are more in line with what her patients are looking for. Also specializing in tummy tucks and mommy makeovers, Dr. Greer has a reputation for her kind bedside manner, attention to patients, and services that provide subtle results tailored to patients’ unique bodies, which have made her a notable name in the area. About Greer Plastic Surgery

Greer Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice headed by namesake surgeon Dr. Jennifer Greer. Specializing in mommy makeovers and other transformative procedures that help improve self-confidence, Greer Plastic Surgery takes a gentle approach to surgical self-improvement. Patients find it easy to connect with Dr. Greer, as she herself has undergone many of the procedures she performs. She also maintains an active social media presence where she focuses on patient education. Offering services like tummy tucks, breast lifts, skin removal, and more, Greer Plastic Surgery creates a welcoming space for women seeking a natural look that provides a boost in confidence.

Please visit www.greerplastics.org to learn more.


For more information about Greer Plastic Surgery, contact the company here:

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