EarthStream Publishes Global Energy Salary Survey for 2022-2023

August 03, 2023 at 16:02

EarthStream, a global recruitment company based in London, UK, has recently published its Global Energy Salary Survey ( for the energy industry, reflecting on all the trends and developments from 2022 to 2023, offering helpful insights into the future of the industry. This survey considered several factors, including higher inflation rates, the conflict in Ukraine, the cost of living, and the domino effects of the post-pandemic landscape. By identifying and examining these key factors, the survey provides a deeper understanding of the various potential opportunities and challenges for companies and professionals in the energy industry. The survey focuses on vital areas, such as recruitment difficulties, sustainability, remuneration, staff retention, and candidate aspirations within the energy sector.

An expert from EarthStream says, "Environmental, social and governance (ESG), as well as diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, are top of the list of factors for career considerations. Professionals seek organisations that value their ESG performance and strive to create a more diverse workforce over financial remuneration."

Meanwhile, climate change remains an important topic as governments, energy companies, and other organisations have made some pledges and investments to reduce their emissions. The survey also revealed the existence of a candidate-driven employment market, which implies that energy companies will have to re-examine their recruitment methods to ensure they are aligned with the company's needs for top talent and the expectations of candidates. Lastly, the survey revealed a rise in concern about job security and stability compared to previous years because of increasing energy prices, skills shortages, and high inflation rates.

In the renewables sector, the year 2022 served as a critical catalyst in the drive towards the international phasing out of fossil fuels. The UK was one of the first to reveal its net zero strategy, and many global economies, such as the US, China, and India, have established their own plans. The conflict in Ukraine has furthered the move towards net zero goals. Meanwhile, ESG financing continues to provide funding for sustainable energy efforts. Europe represents a very robust market for renewables, with various wind projects in the UK and Germany. In Asia, the wind market is quickly growing, with significant projects planned in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

According to Andrew Dodd, managing director for APAC, "We see strong demand for commercial and technically focused professionals to execute renewable energy projects. Project development, sales, ESG financing, contract, and legal professionals will continue to see strong demand in the permanent hire market. On the contracting side, installation, testing and commissioning, HV electrical specialists, heavy-lifting professionals, health & safety and service technicians will continue to see a buoyant line of available projects for them to be deployed onto in various parts of the world."

Regarding the power & grid sector, Jason Mabbs, director for the UK, says, "The demand for electricity will continue to rise in the transportation sector as its utilisation grows, consequently propelling the power generation market. This growing utilisation is noted in the electrification of railways in underdeveloped and developing nations, the establishment of public transportation networks like rapid metro transit systems, and the surging adoption of electric vehicles in developed countries, presenting substantial opportunities for power generation companies operating in this market."

In the industrial technology sector, Charles Cureton, manager for Spain, says, "Talent shortages are predicted to persist, leading companies to intensify their efforts to attract and retain top talent through competitive remuneration, comprehensive training programs, attractive benefits, career growth opportunities, and dedication to sustainability efforts. Diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as gender diversity and improved representation of underrepresented groups, will continue to be promoted."

Founded in 2013, EarthStream has been providing exceptional local talent and experienced ex-pats to a wide range of energy companies all over the globe. They partner with their global clients to assist them in locating the talent they require to empower a sustainable future for their business. For this, they cover a range of roles designed to search and choose programmes custom-fitted to their clients' needs. With offices in London, Singapore, Spain, Cape Town, Taiwan, Dallas, and Hamburg, EarthStream is focused on sourcing and placing outstanding local talent and ex-pats for all of their client's projects. EarthStream has extensive knowledge and experience that allows them to offer sustainable energy recruitment solutions in three core specialisations: renewable energy, power & grid, and industrial technology.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by EarthStream can visit their website or contact them on the phone or by email.



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