Fractional Ownership Platform Now Open For All

July 29, 2022 at 15:22

Wilmington, Delaware based Investables Inc. is pleased to lend its expertise and services in fractional ownership to investors on a budget. The rapidly growing industry of fractional ownership is producing new opportunities for those who wish to invest in art and other creations but lack the funds to do so alone. As such, Investables Inc. is committed to pushing the industry forward by exposing it to more interested parties.

Investables Inc. is an alternative investment marketplace that essentially does all the hard work on behalf of their community of investors. Their team of experts sources, verifies and ultimately acquires rare assets of note that all kinds of investors would be interested in, but they crucially take the extra step of making such investments available to those with much smaller budgets. This, as the name suggests, is made possible thanks to the concept of fractional ownership, in which an item’s ownership or value is split between multiple individual parties rather than a single person or organization. Naturally, the platform understands that some pieces will be so valuable to certain collectors that they would wish to own it in full, and this is also possible via the buy-out option.

Investables Inc. explains that fractional ownership has been gaining ground and popularity in recent years thanks to advancements in transparency as well as technological improvements that raised the standard of an investor’s experience across the board. The items featured on the platform are known as collectibles, and they are categorized as art, watches, jewelry, cars and alcohol. There is a plethora of collectibles to invest in, and they can each be featured in collections that investors can easily browse through based on their personal preferences.

Since the platform’s goal was to open up investment to as many people as possible, the team realized that they would have to address the fact that many luxury collections would continue to remain outside the majority of their community’s reach. This gave rise to fractional investments, where the cost of each collection is split into equal fractions and stored on the blockchain. In addition to transparency and accountability, this enables investors to exercise a greater degree of control over their portfolio, making decisions based on how much money they want to invest instead of how many assets they wish to acquire.

The platform states, “Fractional ownership of collectibles is growing more popular as well as profitable. Investing in fractions of fine art, watches and other collectibles is contributing to higher liquidity of these assets, thereby creating more opportunities for faster returns. The $412B market of collectibles is set for exponential growth thanks to the popularization of fractional ownership platforms.”

They note, “Investors see value in fractional ownership because they can diversify their portfolios with stable assets — without having to spend millions of dollars on a single artwork or a watch.” Anyone interested can visit the platform today to begin their search for art, alcohol or watches to invest in, among other collectibles. Instead of attempting to tackle the cost of a single item, as would be beyond the scope of most small-scale investors, they only need to consider the cost of its fractions. The platform confirms that they will generally be able to purchase as many fractions as they wish, and a full buy-out is always on the table (provided the other owners wish to sell).

Investables’ community is already quite sizable, and it is growing all the time. To date, members express an interest in continuing to build their investment portfolio for a variety of reasons, ranging from opportunities to make money to simply wishing to own a piece of art from their favorite artist and so on. Whatever their reason for being on Investables, the platform aims to make their experience as pleasant and fruitful as possible.

To aid this, Investables encourages new members and other interested parties to take the time to look up all their resources on alternative investments and why an individual may wish to diversify their portfolio in this manner. They are also receptive to feedback, and their team will stay in touch with the community to ensure their service continues to maintain its unparalleled standards.


For more information about Investables Inc., contact the company here:

Investables Inc.
Dmytro Lokshyn
Investables Inc.
1007 N Orange St. 4th Floor Suite #855
19801 Wilmington
United States


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