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November 14, 2022 at 17:29

Limassol, Cyprus: When it comes to company formation, there are several different factors to consider. No two countries are the same, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks when starting a business. For entrepreneurs who want to get ahead of the competition, thinking outside the box is essential – and that's why Cyprus company formation should be on international businessmen’s radar. Globalserve Consultants is a leading firm specializing in Cyprus company formation for over two decades, and they know the ins and outs of this challenging process.

Cyprus is an excellent place to do business for many reasons. The local infrastructure makes it easy and efficient, while the low taxes help keep costs down. Furthermore, as a member of the European Union, businesses have a larger potential customer base. But company formation is not without its challenges, especially if owners are thinking about launching one in a country where they are unfamiliar with the language or the legal and taxation system.

The legal system of Cyprus is based on the Common Law of the UK, with some modifications to take into account the unique circumstances of the island. Globalserve Consultants firm has a deep understanding of Cyprus’ legal system. Their team of multilingual professionals can help business owners navigate the process of company formation without any stressful surprises.

Choosing the right business structure will have a significant impact on the way a business is taxed, and it can also affect its liability in case of legal problems. Taking into account the specific goals and needs of their client's businesses, the team at Globalserve Consultants can help them choose the proper structure for their companies.

The firm also offers a full range of services to help businesses get started on the right foot. This includes assistance with getting the necessary permits and licenses, opening a bank account, and even finding office space. In other words, they can take care of everything so clients can focus on running their businesses.

Time is money when one is starting a business. Thus working with a firm like Globalserve Consultants can make all the difference. With a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping companies succeed, they can take care of all the details so that businessmen can focus on what's important – growing their operations. So far, Globalserve has helped countless entrepreneurs successfully navigate the process of Cyprus company formation.

About Globalserve Consultants:

Globalserve Consultants is a leading licensed accounting and corporate provider firm specializing in Cyprus company formation for over two decades. They also offer international tax advisory services and management of global companies in Cyprus, UAE, UK, Malta, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, and more countries.


For more information about Globalserve Consultants Ltd, contact the company here:

Globalserve Consultants Ltd
+357 25 817181
Globalserve Business Centre, Vasili Michaelidi 9, Limassol 3026


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