Heroes Lawn Care Offers Proffesional Lawn Care Services in Valparaiso Florida

February 07, 2023 at 00:30

Heroes Lawn Care is happy to announce that they are offering professional lawn care services in Valparaiso, Florida and surrounding areas. They have focused their services on the Valparaiso area, including the Emerald Coast, Crestview, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, Miramar, Navarre, Niceville, Santa Rosa Beach, and Shalimar. They serve as a lawn care company that offers lawn care services, lawn mowing service, lawn maintenance services, and other lawn services. Valparaiso is a city in Okaloosa County, which had a population of 5,195 in 2018, according to US Census Bureau estimates. And it belongs to the Fort Walton Beach–Crestview–Destin Metropolitan Statistical Area.

This professional lawn care company offers fertilization, irrigation, and weed control services. Fertilization services include: soil amendment/ topdressing; aeration; overseeding; grub control application; crabgrass control; weed control; nutsedge control; armyworm control; vegetation control; lawn disease control; and bed weeds control/ maintenance. A spokesperson for the lawn care company says, “Fertilization is the application of plant nutrients on your lawn to provide optimal growth conditions in Valparaiso Florida for your grass. The primary plant nutrients we provide during lawn treatment are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These three macronutrients, along with Micronutrients (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulfur, etc.), and seasonal pesticides and pre-emergent are applied six times throughout the year at scientifically selected times.”

Their fertilization programs are an 8 or 10-step system that includes the seasonal application of pesticides and pre-emergent fertilizers that are scientifically chosen to be applied at the proper times of the seasons in Valparaiso and neighboring areas to make the largest difference in achieving a green lawn.

With regards to irrigation, Heroes Lawn Care offers: irrigation inspection; irrigation packages; irrigation turn on; mid season inspection; irrigation repair; drip irrigation repair; sprinkler repair; winterization; backflow testing; system upgrade; and controller upgrade. Their goal is to ensure that irrigation systems are as efficient as possible. They perform efficiency tests for each particular house and landscape and they evaluate the current irrigation system to recommend ways to upgrade the system to save on money and water and protect the environment. For instance, they may suggest the use of a Rachio Smart Sensor Controller, a valve sensor, pressure regulated sprays, and rain sensors. The Rachio Smart System has been found to save 30 to 50 percent on the monthly water bills of residents of Valparaiso.

They also offer eco-conscious lawn conservation services, including: one-time service; monthly service; bi - weekly service; weekly service; brown spot repair; Doody deodoriser plus brown patch treatment; and pet waste packages. A spokesperson for Heroes Lawn Care says, “Looking for dog waste removal experts to clean up your yard? Doody Duty of Valparaiso Florida is your one-stop solution for premium pooper scooper service. We can keep your yard looking pristine for a budget-friendly price! We all know just how gross pet waste is. But did you know that dog waste can carry millions of germs like bacteria and parasites that make your loved ones susceptible to illness? Both humans and canines can acquire certain diseases from dog waste. It can also contaminate waterways and harm the environment, ruin your Valparaiso Florida property, and attract pesky bugs and rodents that are difficult to rid of.”

Heroes Lawn Care in Valparaiso, Florida, is family owned and operated by Brad Buinicky and Fernanda Buinicky, with Lloyd Young as general manager. Brad had served in the military as an Air Force officer since 2004 and he employs his experience in operations training to coordinate the teams in ensuring efficiency and quality of service for the clients. The Buinicky family had moved to Valparaiso since 2017. Meanwhile, Fernanda Buinicky is a native of Brazil and has been a veterinary technician since 1996, a career that she pursued until she reach the position of hospital head technician in 2017. She also has experience in the education and restaurant industries.

When searching for proffesional lawn care services Valparaiso Florida residents can check out the Heroes Lawn Care website or contact them on the phone.


For more information about Heroes Lawn Care, contact the company here:

Heroes Lawn Care
625 Valparaiso Pkwy, Valparaiso, FL 32580


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