High Risk CBD Merchant Processing Now Available Via Easy Pay Direct

October 01, 2021 at 14:50

Austin, TX based Easy Pay Direct (EPD) is pleased to announce that their platform is now accepting High Risk CBD Merchant Accounts in both the United States and Canada. In order to give new e-Commerce stores more leeway to build their customer base and sustain growth, the company is also deferring any monthly minimum volume requirement. Learn more about Easy Pay Direct and their latest initiatives at the following link: https://www.easypaydirect.com/cbd-hemp-online-merchant-accounts/.

Easy Pay Direct explains that their goal is to provide the most stable merchant accounts for e-Commerce stores that sell CBD products in the region. Notably, they are also eager to work with all startup CBD businesses that can demonstrate they have stable financial backing or experience leading another business to success in the past. Those who are unsure whether they qualify are welcome to contact the team directly to ascertain their status. Businesses should also be aware that the company is exclusively catering to businesses that sell products derived from hemp-based CBD. EPD requires that lab test results be shared with their team to clarify the products’ origin.

Interested parite may submit their application at their earliest convenience. Should they meet EPD’s terms, they will receive approval within 7-14 business days. Following this, funds can be deposited within 24-48 hours. Easy Pay Direct adds that reserves will be held on an as needed basis (though this is not always required). Furthermore, the applicant’s merchant account, bank account and business will all be in the United States or Canada, and the business’ name will be displayed in the descriptor of the consumer’s credit card statement. EPD gives merchants the choice to sell either edible or topical (or both) CBD products on the site. Products from other categories may be sold through the same site as well.

Easy Pay Direct is proud to guarantee the lowest rates to merchants who opt to use their services. In the US, it costs a CBD merchant no more than $29.99 per month. They start at 2.50% + $0.25 per transaction (rates vary based on volume). Canadian CBD merchant accounts and marijuana merchant accounts may expect a rate of $29.99 per month. They also start at 2.50% + $0.25 per transaction with rates varying based on volume. Merchants should note that these are the company’s base rates. A payment gateway will also be provided for a US or Canadian merchant’s convenience and security.

Easy Pay Direct understands that merchants have found it difficult to navigate the world of banking and credit card processing where CBD products have been concerned, particularly in the US. While medical and recreational marijuana legalization has moved forward (along with the adoption of CBD products), the ability to process credit card payments for marijuana and CBD has been allowed and disallowed several times in recent times. EPD is proud to finally be able to offer their clients a comprehensive, legal payment solution for CBD merchant accounts in the US & Canada. As such, credit cards for a CBD business can now be processed without issue.

Community reviews for Easy Pay Direct are highly positive as well, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellent customer service and accessible finances. C. Gordon says in their top-rated review, “I had my CFO vet out 20 different companies when we wanted to switch off stripe to process payments, and Brad & the team at EPD are the best, bar none. Their support has been the best we’ve experienced. They’re much easier to work with when any issues come up (for example, we made a minor change in the company that resulted in higher than usual chargebacks. Brad’s team was able to talk to the banks and come to agreement without them placing a hold on any funds). They’re also much cheaper (we’ll save 50-100k this year in fees alone).”

The review concludes, “I’ve been super happy with them and have recommended several dozen of my clients to them as well — who have also had great experiences.”

Easy Pay Direct welcomes merchants who are involved in both retail and wholesale CBD. Their team is always on hand to respond to any inquiries. Those interested may also view the company's website for further details regarding their services and offers: https://www.easypaydirect.com/.


For more information about Easy Pay Direct, contact the company here:

Easy Pay Direct
2028 East Ben White Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78741


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