Huge Glass Inventory Helps Keep Hammond Windshield Replacement Company's Services in High Demand

January 17, 2023 at 16:34

When it comes to repairing or replacing windshields, few Indiana companies have got those tasks as well covered as Low Price Auto Glass Hammond. That’s because it has well-trained techs that are fast and efficient at what they do and because of the excellent customer service that everyone at the company knows is so important. But also contributing to the company’s prowess is that they strive to always have windshield repair supplies and a wide variety of replacements in stock. This has resulted in Low Price Auto Glass Hammond establishing a huge glass inventory.

A spokesperson for Low Price Auto Glass Hammond, Jane Darcy, says, “Some of our suppliers ask us why it’s necessary for us to go to so much trouble to keep our glass inventory at a high level. We respond to that by saying that you can be a company that has the best windshield replacement techs, a fleet of modern service vehicles, and offers the fastest possible response times but all that means nothing if you don’t have windshields in stock when customers need them. That’s why we strive to maintain one of the biggest windshield glass inventories in the Hammond, IN area.”

Darcy went on to mention that the reputable way they perform their windshield replacement and repair services has more to do with just their large auto glass inventory. It also helps that they respond very quickly to customers that need windshield or other auto glass work done for them. Much of this has to do with the fact that cracked and broken windshields tend to get worse the more a vehicle must be driven, and this can create some very dangerous driving conditions. They will also go right to where a customer’s vehicle is parked to do windshield repair and replacement. This includes those whose window damage is so extensive they are stuck on the highway or another primary or secondary road. Another company trait that their customers love is how quickly they can repair or replace an automobile, truck, SUV, car, or van's windshield and still have the job come out clean and looking great. She added that their techs will always give the customer a quote before any glass repair or replacement has been started and they take pride in being known as a company that fully stands behind the work that it competes. They also have good working relationships with most of the area's auto insurance carriers. Darcy stated that because of this, they have no problem helping customers get their damaged windshields covered under warranty. She added that almost every auto policy has some type of glass coverage included in it. Low Price Auto Glass Hammond also offers same-day service in the majority of cases and as their name indicates, it’s a windshield repair and replacement company that prices its window glass and other services fairly. The company spokesperson says that they are one of the rare companies that work on car power windows too.

Those that have experienced Low Price Auto Glass Hammond’s windshield and window replacement services often give the company 5-star reviews for the help they received. Lucas Behn stated, “I walked in and was greeted like family. Hospitality, exceptional. Labor time, exceptional. Pricing, exceptional. I arrived Saturday at 9 am and drove off with a fully installed window at 9:45 am. I definitely recommend them!” Myra Gonzalez proclaimed, Excellent Customer Service. The prices are very fair and reasonable. We have used this business for years and always have a great experience with them. Lovely family-owned business too.” Debbie Scanlon wrote, “Had to replace the front windshields on two vehicles. Fast professional service with a smile from this company. Same-day service too. Best price by far compared to the 4 other places I called. I probably drove by many other auto glass places to get there, but well worth the drive!”

Those that need Hammond Windshield Replacement can get in touch with Low Price Auto Glass by phone, email, or by filling out and sending their website’s contact form.


For more information about Low Price Auto Glass Hammond, contact the company here:

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