Louisianians Can Go To TeleLeaf.com To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card To Access The State's Flower Options

May 16, 2022 at 17:00

New Orleans, Louisiana -

TeleLeaf helps qualifying patients connect with trusted cannabis doctors in Louisiana. Patients are encouraged to head over to its website and apply to get access to a medical marijuana card to open up brand-new treatment options for them. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 391 into law on June 21, 2021. The bill was filed earlier that year by Representative Tanner Magee of the Republican Party. When the governor signed it, it became Act No. 424. According to its provisions, the bill authorized the recommendation of medical marijuana in raw or crude form while also limiting the dispensing of such products in the state.

The bill came into effect on January 1, 2022, to the delight of many Louisiana residents who regularly consume medical marijuana as a part of their medical treatment. The bill allowed medical marijuana patients in Louisiana to purchase and smoke the flower form of marijuana. This was a watershed moment for medical marijuana in the state as previously only vapes, creams, and edibles were allowed to be sold.

Many medical marijuana patients consider inhaling flowers the most convenient way to consume marijuana as it is quick-acting and considerably cheaper than other previously available options. The decision is being celebrated, and the bipartisan efforts of the state representative who filed the bill and Louisiana’s governor, both of whom represent different sides of the aisle, are being lauded.

Medical marijuana in Louisiana has seen considerable interest in recent times. There are 28,174 patients in the state who are using medical marijuana recommended by their physicians ever since it became legal. 280 physicians in the state have reported recommending medical marijuana to at least one patient. There are three primary grow sites in the state, two of which are part of the Louisiana State University system. Reports estimate that there will be 185 to 200 pounds of marijuana products available for distribution beginning in January 2022 at nine different sites in major cities in the state of Louisiana.

Veteran-owned and operated TeleLeaf is using this landmark ruling to encourage patients to "visit TeleLeaf to get access to marijuana flowers." They need to apply for a medical marijuana card first.TeleLeaf has served over 27,000 happy patients since its inception. It was founded by Gary Hess, a marine veteran who recognized the benefits of medical marijuana to ease the symptoms of his own PTSD. He brought his knowledge about marijuana and years of discipline to TeleLeaf with a mission to help others like him in Louisiana. The company’s journey has been heavily covered by various media publications such as Forbes, Leafly, Cannabis Culture, and USA Today.

All of TeleLeaf’s services are safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. The company boasts of a streamlined process that helps it secure same-day approvals for its patients, allowing them to get started on their treatment as soon as possible. All of the doctors on the platform are highly experienced and respected in their fields.

Readers looking to apply for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana can contact TeleLeaf at (504) 500-4842 or visit the website.


For more information about TeleLeaf, contact the company here:

Contact Number: (504) 500-4842
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