Manhattan Deed Transfer Lawyer Natalia Sishodia Explains The Differences Between a Deed and a Title

October 06, 2022 at 15:14

Manhattan deed transfer lawyer Natalia Sishodia ( releases a new article explaining the differences between a deed and a title in New York. The lawyer mentions that the task of transferring a deed is something that a real estate buyer or seller will have to encounter. Deed transfers are often used to identify the seller and buyer in a home sale. A deed provides legal descriptions of the property as well as the signature of the seller.

“In real estate transactions, a deed refers to a document that records the ownership of a real estate property. A title, on the other hand, is a document that shows the owner's right to control and use a property. A title and a deed are two different things even though they both signify that you own the property,” the Manhattan deed transfer lawyer says.

Manhattan deed transfer lawyer

The lawyer explains that it is important to understand the differences between title and deed in order to make smart decisions about a property purchase. A title is a way to prove that the person who holds it owns the property. It is proof that they have the right to use the property. Having a title allows the person to make any changes they want to a property.

Attorney Natalia Sishodia adds that a deed will record the transfer of title between the seller and the buyer. Deeds will be filed at the assessor’s office or at a courthouse. Without this authorization, the deed will not be binding. Understanding the differences between a deed and a title can help new owners know what documents they should receive and what their legal status on the property is.

In the article, attorney Sishodia says, “Transferring a deed can seem easy at first glance. However, this is not always the case. Deeds carry a significant impact on the legal and financial aspects of a real estate transaction. Deeds are also the ultimate evidence of ownership of real estate property. Simple mistakes in the legal description of a deed can lead to grave consequences many years later.”

Lastly, the real estate lawyer explains that having a lawyer for real estate transactions is very important. A skilled lawyer may be able to help with the planning and reviewing of the documents involved in the transaction.

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