Micro Medical Devices Provides Vital Tools for Cataract Surgery Mission in Ghana

September 05, 2023 at 17:46

Calabasas, California -

Micro Medical Devices (MMD), a leading innovator in portable ophthalmic medical technology, has demonstrated its commitment to improving global eye health by providing essential equipment for a recent mission trip organized by Operation International. The medical device company's contribution played a pivotal role in enabling safe and successful cataract surgeries in Techiman, Ghana, helping hundreds of patients regain their vision and transform their lives.

Operation International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing surgical and medical care to underserved populations around the world, carried out the transformative cataract surgery mission in Techiman. The latest mission to Ghana was led by Dr. Seth Meskin, an accomplished ophthalmologist with a record of leading trips like this one to restore vision to populations in need.

Eye doctor is using a handheld keratometer PalmScan K2000 Direct View to check the patient

One of the factors at the heart of the mission's success was Micro Medical Devices' cutting-edge equipment, specifically the PalmScan K2000 Direct View, a portable, handheld keratometer and tablet display capable of full functionality anywhere a clinician is required to perform testing without the need to be hooked up to a separate computer. This tool is critical for generating pre-surgical measurements quickly and accurately, supporting the goals of the Operation International team. Dr. Meskin personally expressed his gratitude in a letter to MMD upon his return, writing, "This keratometer is excellent and was invaluable to my team and helped us perform over 300 vision restoring surgeries!"

For Dr. Meskin and the patients he worked with in Ghana, Micro Medical Devices' PalmScan K2000 Direct View keratometer represents more than just diagnostic accuracy and speed. MMD strives to develop solutions that empower safe and successful procedures while not requiring dedicated practice space. Providing this technology to organizations who work in areas that lack access to high quality medical care is a core part of the company’s mission.

"We are immensely proud to have played a part in such a meaningful endeavor," said Ramin Hooriani, President of Micro Medical Devices. "Collaborating with Operation International aligns with our core mission of advancing eye care accessibility worldwide. Witnessing the transformation in the lives of patients who can now see clearly is gratifying and one of the key reasons why we make our equipment available to support the important work Dr. Meskin and others like him are doing."

This Operation International mission trip is only the latest in a series of similar trips to which Micro Medical Devices has freely lent their equipment. In support of humanitarian efforts around the world, MMD equipment has also served as indispensable for treatment of patients in remote areas of Guatemala, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, and many more.

The K2000 isn’t the only handheld biometry tool that Micro Medical Devices has available to loan for missions like the one Dr. Meskin and his team carried in Ghana. The company carries an entire line of portable biometry equipment including the keratometer mentioned here as well as an A Scan, a B Scan, and a Pachymeter tool, all with flexible connection options for maximum usability in the field to acquire critical measurements before performing surgery.

While MMD has a long history of leading the global market with portable biometry devices like the PalmScan K2000 Direct View, they also produce one of the leading technology lines in the VR-based visual field testing — the VF2000 visual field headset. The VF2000 headsets provide doctors with the ability to get visual field testing done quicker, easier, and more comfortable for the patient than ever before. The headsets can also be equipped with additional screenings and testing modules like stereopsis, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, color testing, and more, all in a portable, user-friendly headset that does not require dedicated office space or an internet connection. For more information, visit www.micromedinc.com.

About Micro Medical Devices

Since their inception over two decades ago, Micro Medical Devices has been dedicated to developing technology that is user-friendly, portable, and efficient while minimizing the need for dedicated practice space and advanced training to operate. This continued commitment has allowed MMD to provide eye doctors with the latest in cutting-edge technological innovations to provide the best care to their patients, including their line of market-leading VR-based visual field wearables.


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