Mighty Dog Roofing Announces Drone Inspections

June 09, 2022 at 15:57

Missoula, Montana -

Western Montana: Mighty Dog Roofing has introduced a new initiative to make roof inspections quicker, safer, and more cost-effective by using drone technology. To discover damage and possible concerns, the business will be able to get a closer look at roofs using drones. This asset is available in all they’re locations around the USA, including Western Montana.

The latest drone camera technology reveals the roof's condition in a more thorough and timely manner than traditional methods, allowing professionals to inspect commercial properties with greater accuracy and safety. Because the team can inspect all the structures at once with a fast but thorough flyover, this method will take far less time than a normal property inspection.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Western Montana

Drones are becoming more popular for commercial applications as technology improves and costs decrease. Drones are currently used for a variety of activities, including land surveying, delivering packages, and taking aerial photographs. This Western Montana roofing company is proud to be at the forefront of this new industry, and the team is eager to provide its clients with the most up-to-date roofing technology.

Mighty Dog Roofing plans to take advantage of this technology during peak periods, such as just before a major storm when many customers are rushing to get long-postponed roof inspections done. They'll be able to serve additional clients and avoid long wait times by using the drone to set a baseline for roof health before a claim is filed.

Mighty Dog Roofing is a rapidly expanding franchise with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, that provides roof repair and replacement services to clients across the United States. Its business model focuses on customer convenience by providing services such as 24/7 availability, online tools, and help communicating with insurance companies.

Locally owned and operated by Nick Whitehead, Mighty Dog customers get the benefits of contractors who have experience with Western Montana’s weather conditions and roofing needs. So, though customers get access to competitive pricing, they don't have to sacrifice the local expertise.

For over 25 years, the team has taught and certified specialists in roof repair and replacement, siding installation, windows, and other residential and commercial structures. Every successful Mighty Dog project is "paw stamped" with a warranty that it exceeds its clients' ambitious standards from the start.

For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Western Montana or to schedule a drone roof inspection, potential clients can visit the company’s website at www.mightyroofing.com/western-montana


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Western Montana, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of Western Montana
Nick Whitehead
5800 A Express, Missoula, MT, 59808


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