Naples Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses Obtaining Copies of a Husband or Wife’s Text Messages in Florida

May 09, 2022 at 16:21

Naples divorce lawyer Russell Knight releases a new article ( that discusses how text messages are used in court during a divorce process. The lawyer mentions that spouses are often curious about the future. One question that a spouse may ask whether or not they’re going through a divorce process is whether or not they will be able to access their partner’s private text messages.

"At the time of this writing, 2019, everyone communicates via text message. Text messages are electronic messages transmitted over SMS (short message service) or Internet connection. Text messages are almost always transmitted via smartphone," says the Naples divorce lawyer.

Naples divorce lawyer

The lawyer clarifies that text messages can just be used like any other communication. Text messages are often just a collection of zeros that are stored somewhere. This allows for retrieval even after the owner switches off the phone. The messages will be there even if the owner turns the phone off.

Attorney Russell Knight also mentions that text messages are frequently used in divorce and parenting cases. Text messages can often be used to prove one spouse said something. The court may be able to review conversations between the parties.

The lawyer adds that the service provider may be able to provide a copy of text messages after a subpoena has been served. The subpoena can be served on the phone carrier to provide copies of several months of conversations. Attorney Knight mentioned that the divorce lawyer may be allowed to ask the court to release text messages by formal discovery. Formal discovery refers to when one party is required to disclose anything requested by another. This includes text messages.

According to the divorce attorney, "Requesting text messages can often be a tricky thing. A party that requests text messages may also have their own text messages requested as well. When requesting text messages be sure that your own texts will not implicate you of something as well."

Lastly, an experienced divorce attorney is recommended when dealing with family law issues. A skilled attorney may be able to assist clients in understanding their rights and responsibilities during the process of divorce or separation.

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