New Canaan Podiatrist Announces the Availability of a New Plantar Warts Treatment that Uses the Saorsa Wart Removal System

December 14, 2022 at 16:53

New Canaan Podiatry ( is a private practice that is always open to trying new and proven ways to treat its patients’ feet and other parts of the body. Evidence of that is this Fairfield County podiatry office has just announced the availability of an advanced plantar wart treatment. It’s called the Saorsa ‘Swift’ Wart Removal System. The practice is run by Dr. Jennifer Tauber, DPM who uses a unique approach to treating her patients’ feet and other ailments.

Dr. Tauber says, “My treatment philosophy is to treat the whole patient, not just the feet that they walk in on.” She went on to say that plantar warts are caused by what’s known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). It’s known to cause growths such as warts on the skin or mucous membranes. Plantar warts are smaller and rougher growths that often occur on the bottom of the feet in pressure-sensitive areas such as the heels and balls of the feet. While plantar warts are not usually a major health concern, Dr. Tauber says these types of warts become more concerning if they cause tiny cuts or breaks on the bottom of the feet where they normally grow. If this happens, when a person applies pressure to their feet as they stand, walk, or run, it can become very painful. Before this occurs it's recommended that plantar warts be removed. Something difficult to do because of the finger-like roots plantar warts have that make them grow down deep into a foot. She says this is where their Saorsa Wart Removal System can play a helpful role.

Swift has been described by Saorsa as a “Cutting edge, FDA Cleared technology that has been proven highly effective in the removal of plantar warts.” It attempts to remove plantar warts using low-dose microwave energy. This microwave energy is administered through a special probe that is used in the treatment. Dr. Tauber pointed out that it’s a treatment that is designed to help remove plantar warts by stimulating a body's natural immune response. Swift is thought to be more impactful than other types of plantar warts removal techniques because it treats the root cause of wart growth and not just the underlying symptoms. She stated that the Saorsa Swift method is administered in 3 to 4 treatments set 4 weeks apart. The treatments are only 5 minutes in duration and most patients only feel slight discomfort during each procedure. Any pain that is felt usually subsides immediately after the treatment is finished. More about the arrival of this advanced plantar warts treatment can be read on New Canaan Podiatry’s Facebook Page at

In addition to treating plantar warts, New Canaan Podiatry also offers treatments for bunions, peripheral neuropathy, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, spider veins, hair removal, nail fungus, diabetic foot problems, and more. Dr. Tauber’s caring, whole-body approach when treating her patients has endeared the vast majority of them to her. Many of them leave very favorable reviews after being treated at New Canaan Podiatry. Janeen Thompson stated, “I’ve been to several podiatry offices in the area and Dr. Tauber’s is by far the best. Emily at the front desk is so kind, patient & caring. It’s apparent Dr. Tauber herself cares deeply about her patients & what she does. She makes it known that she is there for you, whatever your needs are & makes you feel as though she has your back. If you need a podiatrist, this is the place to go.” Irene R proclaimed, “I cannot say enough wonderful words to describe the type of service one receives when visiting New Canaan Podiatry. Starting with Emily at reception, you receive such patience, kindness, and warmth. Dr. Tauber is an exceptional professional with a warm, compassionate bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Tauber and New Canaan Podiatry.”

More on the plantar warts removal and other treatments that are offered at this clinic can be seen on its website, Facebook Page, and on Twitter at


For more information about New Canaan Podiatry, contact the company here:

New Canaan Podiatry
Dr. Jennifer Tauber, DPM
107 Cherry Street, New Canaan, Connecticut 06840, United States


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