New Construction Lead Generation Experts Reveal Effective Real Estate Lead Follow-Up Strategies for New Construction Sales

July 25, 2023 at 23:12

Riverview, Florida -

The Iconic Agent announced the release of a new real estate marketing, and new construction lead generation video on their YouTube channel. This video is jam-packed with essential tips, techniques, and best practices for real estate agents who are looking to improve their follow-up to their lead pipeline and sphere of influence.

Selling real estate has never been more competitive, and real estate agents across the country face constant challenges when it comes to effectively following up with on-site new construction sales representatives, new construction buyers, and leads in their current pipeline. This video tackles this issue head-on by showcasing effective follow-up strategies that boost engagement, generate referrals, make realtors memorable, and help generate more sales.

New Construction Real Estate Buyer Lead Follow-up Tips - How to Attract New Build Buyers

As a company, The Iconic Agent is known for its dedication to empowering and educating real estate professionals with innovative marketing techniques and resources. Their latest video, which focuses on reengaging old leads is titled: New Construction Real Estate Buyer Lead Follow-up Tips - How to Attract New Build Buyers, and is no exception.

"Real estate agents need to understand the importance of effective follow-up in order to stay ahead of other agents when selling new construction or luxury new construction. The information we provide gives agents the secrets to successfully following up with buyers and on-site sales reps, as well as strategies to keep them engaged and connected with their clients," explains Nathaniel Crawford, a top-producing broker with Black Luxury Realty.

In the video, Crawford shares his personal strategies for nurturing leads and building lasting relationships with potential buyers and on-site sales reps. Among the essential tips provided, viewers will learn The power of a 30-day follow-up that shines a spotlight on property details like amenities, location, and developer highlights. The impact of a 12-month follow-up campaign that showcases the agent's expertise, experience, and personal connection to the community. How to seize opportunities like developer close-out deals, special events, and resales to re-engage leads. The video discusses the crucial role of in-person introductions and visits in fostering stronger relationships. And lastly how tools like Client Giant can help real estate agents stay top of mind with quarterly gifts, and why remembering special occasions can make a huge difference in responses.

Crawford adds, "Quarterly CMAs are a very, very powerful way to stay engaged with your clients and keep that expertise top of mind with them. Also, by remembering special occasions or sending quarterly gifts, you'll stay top of mind with your contacts for years to come."

Whether a seasoned realtor or just starting, these powerful insights will help agents master the art of selling new construction, and luxury new constructioin residences and become iconic in their field. The knowledge and strategies shared in the video, combined with The Iconic Agent's dedication to enriching and expanding the skills of real estate professionals, make this an essential resource for agents looking to level up their lead follow-up game.

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About The Iconic Agent:
Damon Greene established The Iconic Agent in 2017. Greene's mission was to teach real estate professionals about digital marketing and new techniques to acquire clients. Clients have seen tremendous success and learned what is possible for their careers since then, and many have gone on to become top producers. Greene has helped hundreds of clients earn over $200 million in additional new construction and luxury new construction sales in just over 3 years. His passion is helping real estate agents win and see their full potential. Greene and his partner Nathaniel Crawford, broker with Black Luxury Realty, have been featured on the Lab Coat Agents Webinar Training, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and numerous media outlets. The Iconic Agent Offers a suite of products to help agents generate more new construction and luxury new construction leads. They offer the New Construction Buyer Attraction Playbook for the do-it-yourselfers, and New Construction Marketing Mastery for real estate agents that want more support, access to their team, top-tier resources, and community backing.


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