New York City Work Injury Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Explains Workers’ Compensation Benefits and its Limitations

May 06, 2022 at 16:03

New York City work injury lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez releases a new article ( that discusses workers' compensation benefits and the limitations they have. According to the lawyer, workplace injuries can have a significant impact on someone's life and may cause them to lose their ability to provide for their family.

“Fortunately, in most cases, there are benefits available to victims who suffered injuries in an accident at work. While financial compensation is available, however, you often need to get the assistance of a qualified lawyer to get all the benefits possible for your injuries. That is where we come in,” says the New York City work injury lawyer.

New York City work injury lawyer

The lawyer explains that there are two options for compensation after a workplace accident. These options can be either a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. These claims can be difficult to navigate without the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer.

Attorney Keetick Sanchez discusses the limitations of workers' compensation benefits in this article. The attorney explains that the victim has the right to their benefits but they can also waive their right to hold their employer responsible for any injuries or damages. They will be required to seek medical treatment from a healthcare provider approved by the Workers' Comp Board and not their physician.

According to the injury lawyer, “There are also limits to what type of compensation you can recover. While you can seek compensation for your medical costs, a portion of your lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, and family death benefits in the case of a fatality, a victim may not recover any compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or emotional distress.”

The personal injury lawyer also states that workers who are injured on the job should seek all possible compensation. The victim may not be allowed to sue the employer if they have valid workers' compensation insurance. If the employer does not have valid workers' compensation insurance, or if an accident was caused by someone else, it may be possible to file a personal injuries lawsuit.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes that if someone is involved in a workplace accident, it is important that they seek the help of an experienced work injury lawyer to help them receive their compensation.

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