Omaha Massage and Healing Arts Announces Massage Services

August 05, 2022 at 08:40

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts recently released information about their business as a part of a five point campaign aimed at raising awareness about massage therapy and spa provider. Each point of the campaign asks a new question about Omaha Massage and Healing Arts and the services they offer, starting with: What is Omaha Massage and Healing Arts? This question is answered in full at the business’ website, which can be found here:

Through therapeutic and relaxing massages and spa treatments, Omaha Massage and Healing Arts brings balance and wellness into the lives of the clients they serve in the Omaha, Nebraska region. Omaha Massage and Healing Arts therapists are focused on remaining present through each session. They leave time between appointments to allow their licensed massage therapists to process each energetic, empathetic bodywork session they provide and center and ground themselves so they can be present for the next client.

The wellness practitioners at Omaha Massage and Healing Arts are dedicated to providing each client with what their body wants and needs. To ensure they pair each client with the right treatment, they ask questions before making recommendations, so they can understand what each client and their body really needs. These questions can include: “What do you do for work?”, “What is your stress level?”, “What activities do you participate in?”, “How often are you active?”, and “Where in your body do you feel tension?” By understanding the answers to these questions, licensed massage therapists can discover the treatment method that will work best for each individual, and educate their clients to better understand the connection between mind and body.

Previous clients of Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, which operated as “Downtown Omaha Massage” at the Omaha Healing Arts Center until May 2022, have loved the services they’ve received from the facility . One recent review on Google Maps reads, “I had the best massage of my life at Omaha Massage and Healing Arts yesterday! I was happily greeted when I walked in the door by my massage therapist, Casey. I loved the vibe and atmosphere, it was soothing and relaxing. Before my massage, Casey and I talked about what issues were bothering me the most and what she would focus on. She left the room as I got undressed to my comfort level and ready my massage. The room was peaceful and the music playing was relaxing. I felt an instant connection with Casey and while normally during a massage, I don't talk...but I am a chatty person, so we had a great conversation and learned a lot of what we have in common. I felt so comfortable and all my tension melted away, especially in my neck and shoulders. My only mistake was not booking a longer session! I will definitely be returning for more regular appointments! I am also very interested in booking a couples massage and possibly a spa day with some girlfriends. This is the perfect place if you want to relax and not worry. I love Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, I feel as their mission statement, morals and ethics align with mine. Another bonus is supporting a women owned business! Thank you Casey for a wonderful massage! Highly highly recommend!!!!” The four exclamation points really bring the point home.

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts appreciates their positive reviews. They responded to this one, saying “What a fabulous review! Thank you so much, Caroline we greatly appreciate this feedback and are thrilled you had such a wonderful experience. Casey is amazing and a true gift to our team. We look forward to seeing you again for a longer session and having you check out our couples massage and spa day offerings.” It is through the level of care they put into every client relationship that the licensed massage therapists and spa technicians at Omaha Massage and Healing Arts can provide superior healing services for a variety of chronic and acute conditions and more every day.


For more information about Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, contact the company here:

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts
Tara Zinn
(402) 212-4520
661 N 50th St Omaha, NE 68132


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