Online Dating Encouraged For People With An STD

July 29, 2022 at 19:50

US based is encouraging anyone with an STD to give online dating a shot again by signing up on their website. Given that many who are positive for herpes, HIV and any of a number of other STDs will have lost hope that they can forge a romantic connection, seeks to rekindle this hope and help them find love with other positive individuals.

“At the moment,” a representative from says, “one of our biggest concerns is the fact that lots of people still don’t consider online dating to be a valid means of finding love. It is true that many relationships on such platforms can be superficial in nature, but there is nothing to suggest that it is impossible — or even hard — to find someone to get into a committed, long-term relationship with online. You can have superficial relationships with people you meet in person, and you can have serious relationships with people you meet online.” strongly believes that online dating may in fact be more useful to people who are living with an STD or STI, but they should consider giving it a chance for the same reasons other people would as well.

To begin with, online dating has relatively low stakes, and this can help a person’s budget as well. If they do not want to invest a lot of money in dates that may have a low chance of going well, they can see what potential partners are like via online conversations before deciding to try meeting in person. Further, while many online dating apps and websites have free tiers, it still tends to cost very little to sign up for a more premium tier and enjoy the platform’s additional benefits, which could range from making the user’s profile more prominent among searches in their area to helping them craft a better profile altogether.

This also has the benefit of side-stepping an issue most would prefer to avoid: awkward first dates. Going on a blind date or even going on a date with an acquaintance can lead to awkwardness if the conversation does not flow, but online dating can blunt this to an extent since most conversations take place via instant messaging. Both parties in the conversation have more time to consider what they want to say, and doing so from a familiar environment (such as their own bedroom) can give them the space they need to find their confidence.

There is a much lower chance of either person blurting out a phrase they wish they could take back in the moment or even wearing an outfit that did not come together the way they hoped it would. In general, online conversations are smoother, even when they take place over audio or video chat. Naturally, starting a conversation online also means that the duo will not have to begin from scratch when they do finally meet in person. They will already have a foundation of shared experiences to build on, and this can make every successive interaction smoother from the beginning.

On, all of this is true, yet there is another advantage that their members appreciate quite highly: the fact that they never have to hold a separate conversation regarding their positive status. When one person in a relationship discovers they have an STI, they are obliged to share this information with their partner, especially if they are sexually active (or planning to be). As necessary as it is, it can be difficult to get through, particularly given that there is often no way to know how the other person will react to the news. However, this is not a problem for positive individuals on Every member is open about their status, and they all know what it is like to live with such conditions.

While other dating websites may allow members to share their positive status in their profile as part of their general details, it is a much more universal (and accepted) feature on This means positive individuals can seek relationships without fear of judgment. As such, invites everyone in the positive community to give online dating a try on their platform.


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