Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer Alexander Napolin Talks About How To Hire The Right Lawyer For A Case

May 03, 2022 at 23:16

Alexander Napolin, considered by many to be the best personal injury lawyer Ontario, San Bernardino County, California, has to offer, is advising those who have been in an accident on how to hire a personal injury attorney who will be the right fit for their case.

The most important criteria to consider, according to Alexander Napolin, is whether the attorney one plans to hire has enough relevant experience and a history of representing individuals who have been in a legal situation that closely mimics the circumstances of the case at hand. This is specifically relevant because personal injury law is a vast field that is generally used to encompass motor vehicle accidents but also applies to other situations such as slip and fall scenarios in retail establishments, dog bite scenarios, and damage or bodily harm caused by unsafe or faulty products. The broad and open-ended definition of personal injury, which has been defined as covering “results from the wrongful conduct of a person, entity or business”, means that personal injury lawyers may spend years on the job but could have very little relevant experience with a particular type of case or injury.

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Since personal injury law is so vast in its scope, it is hard to pigeonhole a case into one domain and assign blame. There could be different parties liable for paying damages depending on the specifics of a particular case. For example, consider an individual who was injured while driving in a work vehicle while on their way to a client’s home for providing services. If they were in a collision with another motorist who was at fault, they will be eligible for damages from the offending motorist’s insurance company. However, if the work vehicle itself was improperly maintained, leading to a scenario where it was hard for it to be properly controlled, the company that employs the plaintiff might be liable for damages. In another variation of this scenario, if an individual was a victim of an accident where the driver at fault was in a work vehicle and was incapable of safely driving due to a specific policy instituted by the company they represent, in that case, the corporation that allowed such a precarious driving situation to foster would be to blame.

Ontario truck accident lawyer Alexander Napolin explains the need for matching the right plaintiff with the right attorney by saying, “One situation that I like to bring up is the accident case involving Tracy Morgan who suffered several broken bones and a traumatic brain injury when a speeding Walmart truck crashed into his limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike. The actor sued the giant conglomerate and came out on top, settling out of court for an undisclosed amount. However, during the case, Walmart’s lawyers tried to argue that Morgan’s injuries were due to his failure to wear a proper safety restraint while riding in the limousine. Were it not for an experienced and astute attorney who had the relevant experience defending car accident victims, the comedian could have had a completely different and disappointing legal experience. I sincerely believe that establishing on whose shoulders the responsibility for the accident lies and then going after the party at fault can only be achieved if there is a team of lawyers working and communicating together to figure out the best course of action. Here at the Law Offices of Alexander Napolin, I will consider the entire merits of the case and sweat the details to assign the best person from our legal team to represent you. Even if you have one point of contact, behind the scenes, you will be effectively getting the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of seasoned legal professionals to help you get a favorable verdict. That is the Alexander Napolin promise.”


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