Patient Praises WhiteSands Treatment Lakeland for “Addressing My Concerns Especially with Mental Illness”

August 24, 2023 at 18:25

Lakeland, Florida—A substance abuse disorder is often not just an addiction to alcohol or drugs but may be accompanied by mental illness, which requires an even more sensitive and skilled approach to treatment. A patient who received this “dual diagnosis” care at WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab was so happy with the care he received that he posted a 5-star review of the program in Lakeland, Florida.

The facility was great with addressing my concerns, especially with mental illness,” wrote the patient, Ernest. “Deb, the therapist, is by far the best, hands down, with the overall experience, yet the staff as a whole was professional and knowledgeable. With that said, I felt safe and secure.”

Mental health treatment Lakeland FL

WhiteSands Treatment is known for its high-quality treatment of substance abuse disorders. It begins with medically assisted detox for patients who require it and continues to residential or outpatient rehab and long-term aftercare. Many patients like Angel also participate in therapy for the underlying psychological or behavioral conditions that drive their addiction.

Angel’s praise for the WhiteSands treatment team is also not unusual. They include full-time medical staff who are committed to ensuring patients’ success in treatment, from detox through discharge or completion of treatments.

Their skills and experience are vital in dual-diagnosis therapy, which typically involves drug or alcohol dependence that co-exists with a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The dependent person may be using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate one of those conditions – and conversely, the inability to break free of addiction may be what’s causing the depression or anxiety. It’s vital for anyone caught in this cycle of addiction and mental illness to seek qualified medical assistance without delay.

At WhiteSands, dual-diagnosis treatment may include both cognitive behavioral therapy – sometimes called “the talking cure” – and medication appropriate to the mental health condition. While not a cure for the disorder, medication can help control the most troubling symptoms.

In all treatments, the goal is to find the source of addiction and come up with alternative solutions with which to build a lifetime of sobriety. In dual-diagnosis treatment, the team works with the person in recovery to understand the dynamic between their mental illness and addiction. WhiteSands also involves patients’ families in dual-diagnosis treatment, with the patient’s approval, so that the family can offer meaningful support to their loved ones.

WhiteSands extends this holistic approach to the entire therapeutic experience, creating a supportive, welcoming community where patients – called “guests” when not in treatment – can relax and focus on recovery. Physical exercise programs, creative activities, and meditation are some of the offerings that keep guests’ minds and bodies engaged and moving toward complete wellness.

Care continues after formal treatment ends, helping patients transition back to the community. For some graduating patients, this may mean moving into a partial-hospitalization program and then to a sober living community. These options create some independence for the patient but are supervised, creating a safety net for the patient. If they feel they’re about to relapse, the treatment team is there to keep them going. If they somehow stumble and turn to drugs or alcohol again, the consequences can be minimized. When they are truly ready to leave dual-diagnosis treatment, the WhiteSands team can find them connections with others in recovery through community support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, which can play a pivotal role in helping them stay clean and sober.

Anyone seeking comprehensive treatment for a substance use disorder can visit WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab or call 863-209-7451.


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