Plantscaping Company Highlights Indoor Plant Week

October 03, 2022 at 16:35

plantscaping company in Panama City, FL

Panama City, Fla. — Heroman Services Plant Company is a plantscaping company in Panama City, FL with ample experience in plant design and plant care. While they also provide outdoor plant services, indoor plant design is one of their main specialties. The month of September contains the week of the year where indoor plants are celebrated – Indoor Plant Week.

National Indoor Plant Week takes place during the third week of September each year, so this year, Indoor Plant Week occurred from September 19 to September 25. This week is about more than just being thankful for the living décor that livens up lobbies, office buildings, homes, and other indoor spaces. It is also about educating society on the wonderful benefits of indoor foliage.

The benefits of installing plants inside a home or workplace are extensive, but not everyone is aware of that. National Indoor Plant Week provides an opportunity to spread the word. Heroman Services Plant Company suggests that people who want to celebrate Indoor Plant Week post photos of their indoor plants on social media and caption the benefits it provides them.

Indoor plants have been shown to lower the risk of sickness, make the air in the room cleaner, and elevate people’s moods. Of course, even aside from these practical benefits, indoor plants can make a room look full and elegant. It is important that these benefits are shared with the world and Heroman Services Plant Company encourages those who did not get a chance to celebrate Indoor Plant Week this year, to mark their calendar for next year.

Heroman Services Plant Company is highly knowledgeable and experienced in their craft. As a sixth-generation, family-owned business, they have been involved in horticulture since 1838. They offer an array of plant options that can help set the mood of any space, small or large. To learn more about Heroman Services Plant Company or to schedule a service, give them a call at (850) 250-3780, or visit their website at


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