Proactive Healthcare Recruiters Looking for Remote Senior Compliance Officer in Philadelphia PA

November 03, 2022 at 23:05

Virginia Beach, Virginia -

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, based in Virginia Beach, VA, has announced that they are looking for an experienced remote senior compliance officer for a Medicare-certified agency offering services throughout the greater Philadelphia area. This agency offers the services of person care assistants (PCAs) committed to meeting their patients' specific needs, helping them attain the highest level of health and function possible while respecting their privacy, rights, and dignity. Their organization is based on the philosophy that every injured or ill person has the right to be cared for with dignity. For this organization that offers appropriate health care for seniors, adults, and children in Philadelphia, every patient is cared for by a team of professionals who offers services specific to each patient.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters seeks healthcare compliance officers and other healthcare professionals for various organizations across the country in virtually any setting. Their team of experts is searching for licensed, well-experienced and highly skilled medical professionals qualified to fill the vacant positions in the client’s organization. They are experts in screening applicants and have the skills to differentiate a bad hire from a good hire. They completely understand the cost and disappointment of an organization employing an unqualified person, thus they always see that the candidate they find complies with all of the client’s standards and expectations.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters has a team of experts who specialize in finding healthcare professionals, such as healthcare executives, marketing executives, sales executives, nurses, healthcare IT, information management personnel, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and more. Their recruitment team offers the advantage of having a full understanding of the needs of the healthcare industry. They are knowledgeable about all of the salary needs of the various positions and will assist clients in providing the most competitive package. Understanding the client’s needs and financial position will ensure they will attract the best candidates to accept the offer. They will also advise if there is a need to make some improvements in the compensation package to ensure they will attract the leading talents for the position.

They always consider every client organization unique and apply the appropriate recruitment process for that particular organization. They will ensure that the client will only get candidates with specific skills and qualities that comply with the specified requirements of the healthcare organization.

There are several reasons why Proactive Healthcare Recruiters has become the preferred company when searching for the appropriate healthcare professionals for a job vacancy. First, they are one of the top recruiters in the field of medicine, always ensuring that each candidate they send to the client is worth the time, effort, and investment. Second, they know the Philadelphia market and the nuances of the healthcare industry in that area. Third, they always comply with fundamental values that allow them to attract the best possible candidates for a specific client’s corporate culture. Furthermore, they will ensure that candidates comply with the company’s vision of offering excellent services.

Established in 2012, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters has set its goal to assist healthcare facilities, and recruitment managers find the appropriate talent for their team to increase their productivity and establish a group of winning team players. They don’t simply post on job boards and wait for the proper candidate to apply. Instead, their recruiters map out the market for their clients, perform reference checks, and screen applicants carefully and rigorously to find for the most appropriate match for the client’s team before submitting them. The search performed by Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is currently without parallel from other providers and employs advanced search, advertising, and matching technology to discover for the appropriate candidate for the client’s organization.

People interested in the compliance officer position can visit the Proactive Healthcare Recruiters website at, or contact them by telephone or email.


For more information about Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, contact the company here:

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters
James Pemberton
(757) 780-1616
Proactive Healthcare Recruiters
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