Roofing Franchise Opens New Location in Michigan: Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi

July 17, 2023 at 15:55

NOVI, MICHIGAN JULY 2023 – Mighty Dog Roofing, a franchise roofing repair and maintenance company, is thrilled to announce the opening of their new location in Novi, Michigan. Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi specializes in all things residential and commercial roofing, including gutters, siding, windows and more. The opening of the Novi location is part of a larger expansion plan for the franchise. A company representative spoke about the importance of roof maintenance in a town like Novi, which experiences severe weather throughout the long winter season.

“We are excited to serve Novi,” said the company rep. “Although it’s the middle of summer, this is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on roofing repairs and maintenance. By the time the winter months come along, it will already be too late for many homes and commercial buildings. With Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi, we can be proactive in roofing maintenance. With our 25-point inspection, we can identify issues before they become costly projects. Our trained team can save you time and money with routine inspections.”

Novi’s extreme weather is what makes roofing services in such high demand in the southeastern Michigan city. Situated just 250 miles from Toronto Canada, Novi experiences long winters from November to late March, and at times early April. The winters come with freezing blizzards, where snow can pile up and accumulate over 50 inches per season. Ice and hail storms, sub-freezing temps, and wind storms that can rip siding and shingles right off are the biggest concerns for Novi homes and businesses. Not to mention, the frequent formation of ice dams on roofs that can cause breaks, cracks, leaks and more. In a town where winters are brutal and long lasting, Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi’s services are much needed.

The Mighty Dog Team can conduct a thorough, 25-point inspection for home and business owners. This inspection covers roof edge, chimneys, ventilation, siding, gutters, windows, a/c units, storm damage for hail and wind and more. Their comprehensive inspection process allows the Mighty Dog Team to create a customized analysis and service plan for home and business owners. They pride themselves in a transparent and honest inspection process, giving owners a concise list of maintenance recommendations. For more details on their inspection process, visit web site.

In addition to their thorough inspection process, the Mighty Dog Team offers tech-enabled services. They offer a drone sky view to see the full scale of a roof before ever stepping on a ladder. This service is ideal for HOA’s or apartment complexes, and many insurance companies approve this service. They also offer an innovative “curb appeal visualizer” where clients can preview roofing designs before a project begins. Too, they keep all customer records, including roofing inspection history, designs, and personal information concealed in a digital customer vault. Mighty Dog utilizes technology in a way that best serves their customers, and simplifies their roofing projects.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi offers full roofing installation, replacement and repair. Owners can consult with the Mighty Dog Roofing team to create custom designs that fits their homes or businesses style. They work with a subset of verified manufacturers, supplying only the best of the best in roofing materials. Each project is covered by their Workmanship Warranty, which covers both materials purchased and craftsmanship.

"Novi citizens deserves a roofing service they can be confident in, and with Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi, we can provide just that."

In Novi, the harsh winters can cause roofing damage that can be a real headache. But with Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi, property owners can rest assured knowing that their team conducts thorough inspections, completes quality craftsmanship, and is there for them 24/7 for any emergency service. Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi aims to become the city’s go-to roofing service. To book a consultation, or to learn more information, visit company website at For media inquiries, contact the Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi press team at 248-971-2170
37705 Pembroke Ave, Livonia, MI, 48152.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of Novi
37705 Pembroke Ave, Livonia, MI, 48152


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