Service Genius Air Conditioning And Heating Expands Team

August 17, 2023 at 16:02

Chatsworth, California -

CA based Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is pleased to share that James Raymond and Mike Casey have each accepted new positions at the company’s Chatsworth office. The HVAC contractor says these appointments will help ensure the team continues to deliver an exceptional service to all local residents.

According to the company, James Raymond had already worked with the company for some time, and his work ethic in his previous role made it clear that he was capable of shouldering more responsibility in the future. Today, he is proud to take up his new role as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and he will be helping coordinate this arm of the Chatsworth team from now on. Prior to joining the company, Raymond spent nearly 15 years in the Automotive industry as the General Sales Manager at John L. Sullivan Chevrolet.

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating

Mike Casey, on the other hand, is a new arrival at the company, and he is being entrusted with Service Genius’ Commercial Sales Accounts. He brings more than two decades of experience in commercial sales service to the team, but his long career has led him through a variety of roles and responsibilities, from handling HVAC equipment sales to overseeing preventative maintenance service contracts. Casey is similarly eager to put his experience to good use connecting commercial customers with the HVAC service they need most.

"These are crucial positions here at Service Genius, and we couldn't be happier for what these two gentlemen will bring to our organization. It's a great signal for Service Genius' future here in the Los Angeles area,” said Bill Raymond, the company's founder.

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating provides a broad range of air conditioning repair services to residential and commercial customers in the San Fernando Valley. Along with their staff and technicians, the company has invested heavily in their tools and technology. This ensures that every job they tackle receives the benefit of the best tools in the industry, which has a direct impact on how effective a repair, installation or other service is.

Homes with HVAC systems, for instance, often have air quality issues that are not addressed by contractors even if the system itself appears to be fully functional. Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating holds themselves to a higher standard, however, and they are more than willing to test themselves in front of the customer to confirm the success of any job. This is why customers will see the team utilize modern equipment to analyze a site’s indoor air quality before they decide that their work is complete. A number of tests are implemented in this way to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating also recognizes that customers wish to avoid delays and other issues as much as possible. To this end, the company offers several amenities that make it easier for anyone to receive the service they need. To begin with, many will appreciate being able to take advantage of the company’s ability (and willingness) to provide 24/7 and same-day service, minimizing how long it takes for a problem to be resolved after it has been discovered. Thanks to superior team management and organization, a Service Genius technician or team can be onsite mere hours after being notified of the customer’s issue. There is also no tier system for this benefit — it is available to all customers regardless of the size or complexity of their project.

Similarly, those who are interested in upgrading their systems will not have to wait too long for an installation to be implemented. Service Genius is pleased to provide next-day installations for all customers. According to the company, a new system can be up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks or even days. The company will even go so far as to coordinate with customers to minimize any scheduling inconveniences.

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is constantly looking for new ways to improve their customer service experience as well as their core services. Customers are welcome to direct any inquiries regarding services, coverage and so on to the company via phone or email. Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating can also be reached through their official website.


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