Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers Release AUD Education

July 25, 2022 at 16:17

Taos, New Mexico: To provide quality substance use education, Shadow Mountain Recovery Center has recently published an article on the stages of alcoholism. Knowing that alcohol use disorder, the clinical name for alcoholism, has four stages is helpful to people who want to evaluate their alcohol use and seek treatment. It is also beneficial for treatment providers to understand a patient’s treatment needs.

The first stage of alcohol use disorder is the pre-alcoholic stage. Individuals at this stage have recently started drinking or recently increased their drinking. This often happens to cope with a stressful situation or as experimentation.

Often, a person naturally reduces their drinking without intervention, but if they do not, they progress to the early stage of alcohol use disorder. Someone at this stage is often called a “functioning alcoholic.” They can attend to important aspects of their lives, but they also are starting to feel the effects of frequent alcohol use, such as frequent hangovers or a decrease in mood or energy.

The middle stage is when alcohol use might seriously impact a person’s life. Usually, at this stage, a person’s friends and family start to notice that alcohol use is becoming a problem, and the person begins to experience chronic side effects such as shaking and memory loss.

Finally, the end stage is when a person makes alcohol consumption the main priority of their life. It will be difficult for someone in this stage to keep a job or care for themselves. If alcohol use does not end, serious health issues can develop and significantly reduce a person’s lifespan.

In the article, Shadow Mountain shares that it can be difficult for a person to admit they need help due to stigma. It is also hard to be objective about the need for treatment. Shadow Mountain provides a helpful list of signs to look for when considering alcohol use. Prioritizing alcohol use above all else, regular hangovers, and withdrawal symptoms are examples of signs to look for.

The stages of alcohol use disorder can be challenging to discuss, but there are bright spots in the article. Seeking help for alcohol use disorder can lead to healing and hope. In fact, 75% of people who receive quality substance use treatment find recovery.

Individuals in need of AUD treatment should know the team at Shadow Mountain Recovery is ready to discuss treatment options. They utilize individualized and evidence-based care to help their patients find recovery and wellness.

About Shadow Mountain Recovery Center: Shadow Mountain Recovery Center has locations in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Taos, New Mexico. Shadow Mountain centers are places of healing that help you build a foundation of lifelong sobriety.


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