Soffit Vent Recommended For Baltimore Homeowners

April 17, 2023 at 17:36

Baltimore, MD based McHenry Roofing is recommending that homeowners consider installing soffit vents. These specialized vents offer a few distinct advantages, and their absence could lead to costly damage to a roof, gutters and attic. Customers may contact the Butchers Hill roofer at any time to learn more or request an estimate.

Soffit is the term given to a type of finishing material that is used on the underside of eaves or rafters. While the underside of eaves can remain exposed and unfinished — and the company confirms that some prefer this — soffit is installed to cover this area. When done correctly, it can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the house. It serves certain practical functions as well; McHenry Roofing says that it keeps moisture away from the rafters, thereby limiting the opportunity for mold to take hold.

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A soffit vent, however, serves a similar purpose. This may seem counterintuitive to some, given that soffit is initially installed to prevent water from getting in, but the company points out that water can come from a variety of sources. Soffit may keep moisture out without vents, but it also keeps any moisture inside the attic and so on from escaping. By adding adequate ventilation, a homeowner can control the humidity under their roof, and the perforations in a soffit vent are perfect for this purpose.

There are other reasons a homeowner would want to install soffit vents. Heat, for instance, can build up inside the attic without sufficient ventilation, and this can lead to shingles breaking down quicker than expected. In fact, heat and moisture accumulation are why many shingle manufacturers insist on some type of ventilation being added in order to validate a shingle warranty. When shingles break down enough, they can allow ice dams to form during the winter, in turn resulting in water leaks. All of this can reduce the structure’s overall integrity and require costly repairs.

There are several options for soffit vent materials on the market, including aluminum, vinyl, fiber and even wood. Some of these will appeal more to certain customers, and the company will always be pleased to share their expert recommendation when required.

McHenry Roofing has made customer service a cornerstone of their services, and this means all in the community will be able to enjoy working with a competent and conscientious roofer. The company’s commitment to their customers is evident at every level, from the superior roofing materials and techniques they utilize to the personal consultations they offer every customer no matter how big or small a project may be.

Customers will notably be able to experience this as soon as they contact the company — McHenry Roofing is able to provide estimates within 24 hours of receiving a call. The company says this policy is used with all customers, but those who tend to appreciate it the most are often homeowners and businesses that are caught in the middle of an emergency.

McHenry Roofing is also locally owned-and-operated, and they do not rely on subcontractors when dealing with customers. The combination of local knowledge and an in-house team means that customers will always have a direct line of communication to the people working on their property. There is virtually no room for miscommunication, and it is easy for customers to express their desires directly to the people who will be working with them.

As Stephanie D. says about the company, “I recently had my roof replaced by McHenry Roofing. I have had problems with the roof for years and had many companies come out to patch the leaks. Eventually, I said enough was enough and gave a few companies calls for quotes. McHenry Roofing had the best warranty and a fair price. Their customer service and work were excellent. I will recommend them to any Baltimore homeowner who needs a flat roof replaced.”

Anyone can call McHenry Roofing today to request a same-day roofing quote. Customers may also use the company’s official website to submit a request (along with a detailed account of their requirements). Whether a customer needs soffit vents installed or any other assistance with their roof, McHenry Roofing will show up on time and ready to work.


For more information about McHenry Roofing, contact the company here:

McHenry Roofing
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