Star Spangled Flags Makes Available For Sale An American Flag Made Entirely In The USA

July 27, 2022 at 16:11

Star Spangled Flags, an American flag manufacturer, is back in stock of their popular nylon American flags for sale on Amazon. The flag has been made in the USA with local labor and materials, a matter of pride for the company that has a wide range of similar options available for sale on its Amazon store page and its website.

The flag has been crafted using a heavyweight 200 nylon denier making it both tough & long-lasting. The flag has embroidered stars with a densely filled thread count. Unlike other cheaper options, the stars are not painted or sewn on. The stripes are secured by two rows of superior lock stitching. The fly end of the flag is chain-stitched 4 times to prevent unraveling and fraying making the flag long-lasting. The flag also has 2 sturdy brass grommets on a thick polyester canvas header for attachment to the flag pole. The flag has been treated to dry fast, resist sun, and resist chemical deterioration to hold the colors strong against ultraviolet rays in the bright sunshine. The colors are designed to pop for the best visibility in all kinds of weather.

A review from Stephen, a verified purchaser, says, “I've purchased from this company before because their products are American-made and of outstanding quality. Their new USA Nylon Outdoor US Flag maintains their reputation for quality products. Unlike the cheap, foreign-made products, this flag is fully embroidered - Every star in the blue field is individually embroidered, not sewn on or printed. The stripes are double-stitched together as is the edging. I've had one of their fabric flags flying outside my house for nearly a year, with no hint of fading or wear from the elements, and this flag purports to be fade resistant as well - and based on my experience with their products - I trust their claim. If you're looking for a reasonably priced American Made flag to proudly fly outside your home, I can't recommend a better company or product.”

The company is especially proud of its commitment to American jobs as it procures materials for and manufactures the flags all within the United States. All the resources and labor used in the manufacture of the flags come from within the country itself. The company certifies each flag with an authentication tag sewn into the label.

When asked about the company’s dedication to manufacturing American-made flags, a spokesperson for the company says, “At the end of the day, it all comes down to supporting this great nation of ours. It makes no sense to showcase one’s patriotism using an item that was manufactured outside the United States. It is easy to fall prey to exquisitely worded and deceptive product descriptions on Amazon for low-quality flags that are imported from China. Not only are we providing better quality products but we are also bolstering American citizens in the process. We ask you to be vigilant in your purchases. When you buy from Star Spangled Flags, you get peace of mind knowing that the symbol of your love for the country was built by real American craftsmen and women who have poured their time, passion, and heart into it. The quality of the flag speaks for itself.”

The company offers a risk-free satisfaction guaranteed warranty on the flag for up to one year. They offer free shipping through their website on all orders within the United States. Customers can find out more about the company by visiting its website and viewing its wide inventory of American flags here. There is a short quiz on the website that helps shoppers pick the correct flag option for them by answering 4 questions. Star Spangled Flags also sells state flags, military flags, historical flags, and flagpoles. They also offer a chance to sign up for the Patriot Club, a membership that gives customers discounts, prizes, and more.


For more information about Star Spangled Flags, contact the company here:

Star Spangled Flags
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