Syracuse Tree Service Experts Partners with Local Chefs to Promote Sustainable Wood-Fired Cooking

February 28, 2023 at 12:50

Syracuse, NYSyracuse Tree Service Experts announced a new partnership with local chefs in the Syracuse area to promote sustainable wood-fired cooking techniques. The new venture will see the experts work with chefs to raise awareness of why these techniques are essential for urban forestry conservation and for creating deliciously cooked meals.

Syracuse Tree Service Experts have long had a passion for sustainability and conservation. With the new partnership, they hope to bring these values to the forefront of the culinary world. By joining forces with local chefs, they aim to educate and inform the public why wood-fired cooking techniques are essential for preserving forests and providing unique flavors.

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The Syracuse Tree Service Experts team understands that this cooking style is not easy to master. Still, they believe that with the proper guidance and support, chefs in the area can create genuinely unique dishes while keeping a sustainable mindset.

They plan to provide workshops and seminars on sustainable wood-fired cooking techniques throughout the year and will also be available to answer any questions or concerns. Their ultimate goal is to help spread awareness and appreciation of this technique while ensuring it remains an integral part of life in Syracuse and surrounding areas.

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"At Syracuse Tree Service Experts, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously," said Laney Cassandra, CEO of Syracuse Tree Service Experts. "We strive to be stewards of the environment and help our community reduce its carbon footprint by using sustainable techniques like wood-fired cooking whenever possible. In addition, we're proud to partner with the Syracuse culinary community to create delicious dishes that use sustainably harvested wood."

Wood-fired cooking is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries. It uses only wood as fuel, releasing fewer pollutants than cooking methods such as gas or charcoal. In addition to having environmental benefits, wood-fired cooking can add unique smoky flavors to food, making it a great way to cook flavorful dishes.

The partnership between Syracuse Tree Service Experts and local chefs will focus on making wood-fired cooking safe and efficient. In addition, the experts will guide residents on selecting the right woods for specific dishes and give tips for maintaining and cleaning a wood-fired stove. They will also help chefs source sustainably harvested wood from local forests.

"Wood-fired cooking is a great way to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals while being mindful of the environment," said Cassandra. "By partnering with local chefs, we hope to spread the message that this practice can be both sustainable and tasty. We're excited to join forces with the Syracuse culinary community to make this happen."

The collaboration between Syracuse Tree Service Experts and local chefs is part of the company's ongoing efforts to promote sustainability in all aspects of life. As part of their mission, the experts provide green tree care services prioritizing conservation over short-term gain. Through their work with chefs, they hope to demonstrate how even small changes can significantly impact preserving the planet for future generations.

Syracuse Tree Service Experts is a landscape service company based in Syracuse, New York, with offices at 703 Van Rensselaer St, Syracuse, NY 13204, United States. The company can be contacted at 315-333-7757 and


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