The Allen Thomas Group Offers Specialized Plumbing Business Insurance

May 08, 2023 at 17:30

The Allen Thomas Group, an independent insurance agency based in Medina, OH, has recently released a service page that explains how the specialized plumbing insurance they can provide can protect plumbing businesses from potential risks and liabilities. Plumbing insurance has the purpose of covering various possible scenarios where the plumbing contractor can suffer from financial losses including damages resulting from defective workmanship, on-site property damage or accidents. The Allen Thomas Group provides comprehensive insurance coverage that is particularly suited for each plumbing business to ensure peace of mind and financial security.

A spokesperson for The Allen Thomas Group says, “By not having the proper insurance coverage, a plumbing company could put its financial future at risk. But as every wise entrepreneur knows, it’s important to prepare for the worst while still dreaming big. In addition to the financial risks, not having proper insurance coverage could also result in legal issues. If a customer or employee is injured on the job and the plumbing company is found liable, they could be facing costly legal fees and settlements. By having the right insurance coverage, a plumbing company can protect itself against legal liability and ensure that they are meeting any legal requirements for operating a business.”

plumbing contractor business insurance quote

The insurance agents at The Allen Thomas Group have more than 20 years of experience offering tailor-fitted business insurance solutions to plumbing companies throughout the United States. Thus, clients can be assured of personalized service and coverage that is custom-fitted to their unique requirements that they can scale up easily. This insurance coverage protects the plumbing business against unforeseen events, including accidents, property damage, or claims that are the outcome of defective workmanship.

There are a number of types of business insurance coverage that plumbing contractors require. These are general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, and umbrella insurance. The Allen Thomas Group will customize the plumbing insurance policies according to the specific needs and requirements of each plumbing business. This will make sure that each business gets the appropriate level of coverage to address its unique risks and liabilities.

General liability insurance covers property damage, bodily injury, or personal and advertising injury. Commercial property insurance covers buildings, equipment, tools, and inventory in the event of fire, theft, or other covered losses. Workers’ compensation insurance offers benefits to employees who experience work-related illnesses or injuries, including medical bills and lost wages. Commercial auto insurance is for protecting the company’s drivers and vehicles in the event of an accident, theft, or damage. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability protection beyond the limits of underlying policies, offering extra protection for the company.

Plumbing contractors can get a customized quote for plumbing insurance by filling out an online form on The Allen Thomas Group website or by contacting their team through the phone or by email. Clients can be assured that they will always be offered competitive pricing and fast and reliable service.

Established in 2003 by Joe Race, The Allen Thomas Group has developed the reputation of being a leading insurance solutions agency for both individuals and commercial clients. Joe Race, who is currently CEO of the company, is a graduate of The University of Akron and began his career as an investment advisor in the 1990s but he soon realized that his customers also had a need to protect their other investments as well.

Those who like to know more about the business insurance services provided by The Allen Thomas Group or would like to get a plumbing business insurance quote can visit their website or contact them on the phone. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


For more information about The Allen Thomas Group, contact the company here:

The Allen Thomas Group
Joe Race
(440) 826-3676
4081 Jefferson St, Medina, OH 44256


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