The Funky Stitch Collects Crochet Designs and Patterns

April 01, 2022 at 08:53

Denver, Colorado -

The Funky Stitch, a stitch craft focused website, has announced that they have crochet patterns and designs available on their website. The website, which appears to aggregate information about different crafts for an all in one crafting info website, has many posts with lists of crochet patterns in various categories, including “Crochet Patterns for Practicing Tall Stitches” to help crafters interested in working on a specific technique, and “Crochet Patterns to Keep You Warm All Winter” which has patterns for cozy wearables for the colder months of the year. They also have a number of posts with collections of patterns for specific things someone might want to make with crochet. For example, their recent post “Baby Yoda Crochet Patterns That Are Easy” includes images of several different baby Yoda designs made by independent crochet designers, all of which are purported to take a relatively small amount of time to complete. Similar recent articles include crochet patterns for angels, that people can make and use for Christmas decorations, for example.

Articles on The Funky Stitch cover far more than just crochet patterns and designs. They also have information about knitting, including reviews of circular needles, and a recent post about the best weft knitting machine. Weft knitting creates the interconnecting loops that run from left to right across a fabric. Warp knitting, on the other hand, makes interlocking loops that span from the top to bottom of a fabric. Weft knitting is far more common, as it only requires a single yarn input to create a fabric. Weft knitting machines can make both flat and circular fabrics, and this article reviews a number of knitting machines that people interested in crafting might want to bring home to speed the pace of their knitwear production. The knitting related articles also include patterns for other popular knitting techniques such as Arm Knitting, which involves a person using their arms instead of the traditional knitting needles, wrapping the yarn around their arms and making interlocking loops with their hands to create unique hand made items like scarves and pillows. The Funky Stitch’s article about arm knitting even includes images of more inventive arm knitting designs, like a cat bed, a shawl, and even a bulky weight vest.

The range of information available on The Funky Stitch’s website even extends beyond yarn based crafts into other textile art forms like quilting and using a HeatPress to transfer printed images onto t-shirts. The website even has a section for patterns for t-shirt quilts, in case any crafters who have made a lot of HeatPress tshirt designs want to make themselves an even more memorable keepsake of the things they’ve made. There are also a great number of designs for macrame projects, including macrame hammocks, necklaces, owls, and plant hangers. Outside of textiles, a selection of posts about Home Decor offer up a selection of DIY projects to help make a house feel more like a home, including “33 DIY Leaf Garland” and “40 Beautiful Yarn Pom Poms”, which can be used to decorate everything from handbags to bedroom walls, with a little creativity.

Anyone interested in making things with crochet, knitting, quilting, or many other crafts, can find ideas for all kinds of projects from The Funky Stitch, just by visiting their website. An exploration of the posts available on their website reveals a number of creatively designed patterns from all over the web, all collected in one convenient place for any kind of crafter looking for something to do. Curious crafters who want unique ideas for their next knitting, quilting or crochet projects can look to The Funky Stitch for all kinds of concepts arranged in an innovative format, as well as tutorials and reviews for techniques and products related to their craft. The Funk Stitch is dedicated to all kinds of crafts, and is happy to provide information about a wide variety of DIY projects spanning a number of interests, be they yarn, or textile, or even something else entirely.


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