The Make More Offers Challenge Challenge with Myron Golden Returns September 12th

September 08, 2022 at 15:29

New York, New York -

TAMPA, FL - Myron Golden Enterprises announces his upcoming Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and growth-oriented business owners.

Dr. Myron Golden is a business and leadership coach based in Tampa, FL. His transformative Make More Offers Challenge is a five-day “launch and lead” marketing intensive that begins September 12 and runs through September 16.

Five Day Challenge with Myron Golden

Sessions are one hour (General Admission) or two hours for VIP members each day, Monday through Friday. This fast-paced five-day course motivates entrepreneurs to push past barriers to launch and lead the enterprise they envision. According to Golden, accelerated growth in business is possible but requires both business commitment and personal discipline.

"A month ago, I didn’t even know who Myron was. Then, I saw a video of him on Facebook, and he said something that got me. It was, 'You don’t need to make more money. You need to make money faster.' I took that advice and made $75,000 in four days, relaunching an old course of mine that I’d forgotten I ever had,” a reviewer named Matt, said.

The framework Golden shares during the MMOC challenge includes foundational strategies for producing great products and positioning them in the right markets. But, more importantly, the innovative science of making great offers something unique to his presentations. The MMOC is a crash course on crafting offers clients can’t say no to.

Each day of the Five Day Challenge comprises steps that can be scaffolded into a marketing and sales process. “No matter what business you think you are in, you have to be in the business of marketing,” says Golden. “Sales and signing new customers is a guessing game if you don’t have a set structure to follow.”

MMOC also promises advice on systemizing essential tasks, such as lead generation and designing “stackable” offers that are irresistible and, therefore, easy to sell. Enrollment for the newest Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) with Myron Golden is now open, with the first session is on September 12.


For more information about Myron Golden Live, contact the company here:

Myron Golden Live
Javier Murphy
(972) 853-9696
19046 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. # 1109
Tampa, Florida 33647, USA


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