The Mary Smith Team Shares Their Effective Home Selling Strategy

January 15, 2022 at 07:20

Savannah, GA – Savannah-based company, The Mary Smith Team, shares its effective home selling strategy that has been helping homeowners sell their properties fast.

The Mary Smith Team says the significant impact of their home selling strategy can be seen with the number of properties they have sold even despite the pandemic. They share this strategy with the public to help more homeowners achieve their goals.

One strategy on the list is property enhancement. They help clients improve the curb appeal of their homes before putting them on the market. In addition, the Mary Smith Team is trained to offer staging services and recommendations to enhance the presentation of the homes for sale. According to them, staging aims to make the house look bigger, brighter, and warmer to attract buyers.

After improving the looks, the next phase is property evaluation. The Mary Smith Team are experts in putting the right price to a property that could help generate interest among buyers since they know the local real estate market and have access to the current inventory levels. They also use a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the optimal list price for each home.

The Residential Real Estate Consulting Firm also helps in marketing. The company has a Savannah Multi-Listing Service, allowing buyers to see properties for sale. Clients can view all the properties for sale in Savannah and other areas through their website, Apart from that, they also use different marketing strategies to connect with more clients. These strategies include email marketing and caravans too. The Mary Smith Team also helps clients develop their customized marketing plans.

The next phase is about negotiation. As Savannah, GA realtors, The Mary Smith Team knows how to negotiate with both the buyers and sellers for them to have a compromise. They have helped bring hundreds of deals together to result in hassle-free closings and happy clients. It also doesn't just stop there. The Mary Smith Team always does complete transaction management. The company also monitors and manages all the details of the sale of the client's home.

Meanwhile, The Mary Smith Team assures that clients' welfare will always be their priority. With over 30 years combined experience in Residential Real Estate, they sure know the market.

To contact The Mary Smith Team, clients may call 912-596-2814 and 912-356-5001. They can also visit their office at 329 Commercial Drive Suite 100, Savannah, GA 31406.


For more information about The Mary Smith Team, contact the company here:

The Mary Smith Team
Mary H. Smith
214 Whetstone Drive, Savannah, GA 31410 912-596-2814


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