The Trusted Companion Explains How to Fix Separation Anxiety in a Dog

February 13, 2023 at 17:49

Dog trainer, Brant Weller, owner of The Trusted Companion, has published a blog post that explains how to help a dog with separation anxiety. The post was written to help dog owners understand how not to participate in the reinforcement of the behavior and what they can do to help their pet overcome that stress.

According to the article, separation anxiety in dogs often results when they get too attached or dependent on family members. Typical separation anxiety behaviors include barking, whining, destroying things, trying to break out, and clinging to the person. If the owner or person responds to comfort the dog during these events, the success of the dog's actions justifies the anxiety and results into a self-reinforcing cycle.

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Dog Trainer Brant Weller states in the article, "Obedience training is a great way to begin to interrupt this self-reinforcing cycle of anxiety and anxious behavior. Dog owners can use commands to build the trust that listening to them keeps the pet safe. Obedience training should begin as soon as possible."

The full blog post can be read here:

Brant recommends some of the packages that he is offering for rehabilitating a dog from separation anxiety. These include the training lessons packages, in-home lessons packages, 5-week rehab and rehearse board and train; and 8-week new life board and train.

The Trusted Companion was established by dog trainer Brant Weller, who offers various kinds of services, such as: a one hour consultation; training lessons packages; in-home lessons packages; 3-week play and learn board and train; 5-week rehab and rehearse board and train; 8-week new life board and train; tracking training; nose work/detection training; and boarding and training for existing clients. Brant Weller has experience as a professional trainer for a large company. He has also travelled around the country learning from some of the top trainers. Most recently, he completed his certification course with two-time World Champion Ivan Balabanov and this means he is now a certified “Training without Conflict trainer.” As a certified Training without Conflict trainer, Brant is able to train high-level obedience, successfully work with severe behavioral cases, and stand out from the crowd through evident ability and skill.

In The Trusted Companion’s one hour consultation, Brant will provide answers to training questions on various topics, such as: puppy issues, potty training, crate training, marker training/ clicker training, development of play and using play to build the relationship, walking better on leash, ways to help the dog’s anxiety at home, and more.

The Trusted Companion also offers various training lessons packages such as the essential package; the complete package; the rockstar package; and the anxiety and aggression package. These packages are also available as in-home lessons packages. The 5-week rehab and rehearse board and train is for dogs with mild to moderate anxiety and aggression problems. In addition, the 8-week new life board and train is for dogs with severe anxiety and aggression issues.

Those who would like to know more about the dog training services offered by Brant Weller can check out The Trusted Companion website at


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