Top Roofing Contractor Now Serving Sterling Heights

March 07, 2023 at 00:32

Michigan based Mighty Dog Roofing of Detroit Metro is offering the full scope of their team’s expertise to homes and businesses in Sterling Heights. The company provides a range of home improvement services in addition to roof repair, maintenance and installation, and customers may request assistance with siding, gutters, windows and more.

The Mighty Dog team is widely known for their affable and professional nature, combining friendly discussion with competent work. This enables virtually every customer to approach Mighty Dog with any problems they may have and expect immediate support, especially since the company has a strong problem-solving ethos. In short, the company says all a customer has to do is consider whether their roof needs to be looked at for any reason. If the answer is yes, their best option is to contact Mighty Dog to resolve it at once.

The company has a wealth of experience working on properties of all types and sizes, and this is partly why they are equally capable of handling residential and commercial jobs. However, Mighty Dog Roofing of Detroit Metro adds to this experience with highly trained team members as well as tools and materials from the top manufacturers in the industry. The benefit of all these advantages is ultimately passed on to the customer.

One customer decided to trust the company’s Plymouth location when they needed their roof inspected following storm and wind damage. Their review says, “The rep quickly accessed the area and found the access points and communicated the problem and how we can fix it. He also provided pictures and video of the problem areas. And this was all done without fear-selling and charging an outrageous amount. I appreciated the problem being fixed and gaining some education on the problem also. Without being overcharged. Great job.”

Mighty Dog Roofing has long held the belief that no job can be done effectively if there is a lack of trust between the customer and contractor. As such, they go out of their way to explain why they may make certain recommendations over others — and they employ several novel technologies to back up what they say.

To begin with, the company can utilize drones to capture every conceivable angle of a roof, and this makes it easy for them to share high-definition photos and footage with customers before any project. In situations where a roof has received damage during a storm, a homeowner may otherwise have to take a contractor at their word and trust that they are representing the problem correctly. Mighty Dog, however, can simply show the homeowner all relevant footage as they explain how they plan to address it.

This technology can be used to keep the customer up-to-date on the progress of a job as well (particularly if inclement weather and other unavoidable challenges force work to stop for some time), and Mighty Dog Roofing makes it a point to share close-ups of their work, wherever possible, when they are done. It is important to the company that customers understand the value of their work.

“Your roof will need ongoing maintenance and other services over the years,” comments Mighty Dog Roofing, “and you will need a contractor you can trust to handle those jobs for you. Working with customers as much as we do, we also understand that you may sometimes be unable to oversee our work due to personal or work obligations. We want you to have no room for doubt that we have done an exemplary job, and we are more than happy to walk you through everything we have done once we finish.”

Every homeowner is entitled to receive a detailed estimate from the company before any work begins. This estimate includes a breakdown of the issue at hand, what techniques and materials the company will use to correct it, how much each item or service will cost and so on. As a roofing contractor serving Sterling Heights Michigan, Mighty Dog Roofing is proud to help customers make informed decisions about their homes and roofs.

Interested parties may contact Mighty Dog Roofing via phone or email. The company maintains a presence on several social media platforms as well.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing , contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing
2311 15 Mile Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48310


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