Toronto Naturopath Doctor’s Latest Blog Talks About Why Mold Toxicity Should be a Concern

May 30, 2021 at 10:30

Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, is a Toronto Naturopathic Doctor that likes to help his patients and others in ways that reach beyond the inside of his practice. One of the main ways that he goes about doing this is by posting informational blogs on his website. These blog posts discuss current health issues and also offer suggestions that are designed to help people lead healthier lives. His latest blog, ‘A Toronto Naturopath’s View on Why You Should Worry About Mold’, brings to light some possible mold-related health issues that many people are not aware of.

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Dr. Caversan ND, says, “People are aware that mold can be very damaging and it can also be the cause of some allergy-related symptoms. However, not everyone realizes that mold can cause health problems that go well beyond just being an upper respiratory irritant. That’s why I thought it was important to take the time to write my latest blog. It will help those that read it understand the far-reaching health impact of what is known in medical circles as ‘mold toxicity’.”

The blog started by going over that mold forms in wet or extremely moist conditions and its effect can be seasonal or year-round. It also stated that mold can appear just about anywhere and the most common forms of this substance were Aspergillus, Penicillium, Myxomycetes, Fusarium, and Cladosporium. When mold impacts someone’s health, as Dr. Caversan ND mentioned, this is what’s referred to as mold toxicity. A condition that is often overlooked when doctors are trying to look for symptoms of what’s causing a patient’s illness. The article went on to mention that a study that was done by the Archives of Environmental Health on 100 people, revealed that almost all of them showed signs of some possible mold-related health conditions. Among the physical and neurological problems mentioned were respiratory ailments, short-term memory loss, the inability to walk straight with the eyes closed, and problems with autonomic nervous system functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion. The new blog post stated that it’s also possible that mold-causing health issues may appear later on in a person’s life.

This recently posted blog also mentioned that Naturopathic Doctors have the ability to diagnose mold-related illnesses by the simple fact that they are aware of how mold can affect our health. The blog also pointed out that people who show signs of sensitivity to such things as the smell of deodorants, spices, gasoline, paints, and detergents may be more susceptible to developing symptoms of mold toxicity. Also mentioned was that people who show signs of mild mold toxicity should be looked at by a healthcare professional right away. Dr. Caversan ND’s new blog article also talked about the fact that mold in the body can be tested and that they have different laboratories that they like to use to do just that very thing. Even genetic testing for mold susceptibility can be done on people.

Those who read further in the blog will also learn that naturopathy and naturopathic doctors may be able to offer a different approach to managing mold-related illnesses. This includes healing possibilities that include botanical medicines, supplements, pain management therapy, clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, stress management, and others that may have some potential to do good health-wise. The blog concluded that the therapies a naturopathic doctor uses to try and help someone who is suffering from mold toxicity symptoms, are designed to attempt to improve a patient’s quality of life and longevity.

Dr. Caversan ND mentioned that in conjunction with Arv Buttar, NP, they can naturally help people with issues other than mold toxicity too. They do this in several different ways. This includes the use of such naturopathic treatments as shockwave therapy, cold therapy, customized IV therapies and NAD drips.The clinic health practitioners also perform treatments such as naturopathic manipulation, testosterone replacement therapy, and suggesting the use of some beneficial nutraceuticals.

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