Virginia Beach Pest Control Service Claims Termite Prevention Starts with an Inspection

April 07, 2023 at 16:23

Precision Pest Management has been meeting the pest control needs of those in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia for many years now. In that time, the company has become well-known for the quality of its pest prevention services. This includes Precision Pest Management’s termite control services.

Richard Maynard, the owner of Precision Pest Management, says, “One of the worst types of pests that can invade your home are termites. This insect is known for causing extensive structural damage to a home which can be very costly to repair. Fortunately, there are pest management companies such as ours that are very good at preventing termite infestations.

The company owner went on to say that termite prevention starts with an inspection. If during an inspection of a home termite activity is found, Precision Pest Management has several steps they can take to bring a termite infestation under control. These steps include treating the soil around a home and the use of baits that are known to be very impactful. The techs at the company are very skilled at selecting the right treatments when termite infestations are reported by a customer or detected during a home pest inspection. If no termites are present, Maynard stated that their knowledgeable techs know the best ways of making sure termites become uninterested in making a home theirs also.

It was also mentioned that homeowners play a big role when it comes to termite prevention too. He says that there are steps a homeowner can take to make a home less desirable to these pests. This includes storing lumber, firewood, and other wood far from a home. It was also suggested that trees and bushes be planted further away from homes and homeowners take steps to eliminate excess moisture around their houses. Maynard added, “We enjoy informing the residents of Virginia Beach of the different ways they can protect their homes from Terminates this spring.”

He says that for those who don’t know how or don’t have the time to eliminate moisture problems around their homes, it’s a service that Precision Pest Management provides. They know what it takes to eliminate both common and uncommon moisture sources around a home. The moisture control methods that the company uses, not only make a home less desirable to damage-causing insects such as termites but also help prevent the growth of problematic mold and fungi.

Maynard also talked about how Precision Pest Management is a locally owned and operated company that does much more than just termite and moisture control. They also have very impactful treatments for ants, roaches, spiders, mosquitos, rodents, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, ticks, and more! Many of which use all organic treatments which are non-toxic to children and pets.

Reviews on Precision Pest Management’s Google Maps Business listing show that those who have used the company’s termite and other pest control services are very satisfied. Chanee Nelson stated, “I couldn’t ask for a better exterminator or better service. We will continue to use them, and I highly recommend Precision Pest Management to anyone looking for competent pest control help. They are fairly priced and honest. Best experience I’ve had with an exterminator honestly! My husband and I are super pleased with the results.”

Erica Hall proclaimed in her 5-star review, “I have been using Precision Pest Management for over two years now and Richard is awesome! Their services are affordable, especially when compared to other pest companies. I have a routine service agreement and since I started that, I rarely see any insects. Richard and his team are professionals that care about their clients. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to tackle unwanted critter problems.”

Those looking for competent pest control services in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and elsewhere in the Norfolk, Virginia area can contact this BBB top-rated company by phone or using the form that’s found on its website.


For more information about Precision Pest Management, contact the company here:

Precision Pest Management
Richard Maynard
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1437 Canadian Ct
Virginia Beach, VA 23453


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