Waite Vision Helps Patients Better Understand Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

October 26, 2022 at 16:59

Lehi, Utah -

A recent article regarding Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), a form of refractive eye surgery, its advantages, costs, and other helpful information about the procedure was published by Waite Vision, a premier vision correction center serving patients throughout Utah.

The article explains how PRK eye surgery is similar to the well-known laser vision correction surgery, LASIK. Waite Vision uses the most advanced excimer laser and technology to provide their LASIK and PRK patients with the best possible outcomes. Similar to the LASIK procedure, a PRK surgery reshapes the patient's cornea with an excimer laser to improve vision. According to the article, the main difference between the two procedures is the recovery for PRK surgery is slightly longer.

In the article, Waite Vision provides prospective patients the top reasons to choose Waite Vision for PRK surgery. Some benefits include all-inclusive pricing with no extra or hidden charges, a quick procedure with immediate results, and a highly skilled refractive surgeon, Dr. Aaron Waite, perform your PRK procedure.

The safety of the PRK procedure is also addressed in the Waite Vision article. Many patients ask if PRK surgery is safer than LASIK. The article notes while both procedures are safe and effective, some patients' eyes are better suited for PRK. In addition, specific conditions that cannot be addressed by LASIK can be treated with PRK. To find out which type of surgery is best for an individual's unique eyes, they should call Waite Vision to schedule a consultation.

Waite Vision encourages potential patients to see the cost of PRK as an investment in their future because they believe everyone should be able to see life clearly without contacts or glasses. The article details the price of PRK and contrasts it with renting their vision with glasses or contacts vs. "owning your eyesight" with PRK.

The article answers many questions prospective PRK patients have about the procedure. Waite Vision's information includes how long the procedure takes, who is a candidate for PRK, if insurance covers PRK, if there is discomfort associated with the procedure, and more.

A skilled group of medical professionals and support members makes up the Waite Vision team specializing in vision correction. Its mission is to use vision correction to enhance the quality of life. The Waite Vision comprehensive diagnostic consultation will help patients understand which vision correction procedure is best for their particular vision needs among the various types of vision correction procedures available. Waite Vision, founded by Dr. Aaron Waite, is a cutting-edge facility conveniently located to serve patients from around the state of Utah. Those interested may visit the article or get in touch with a member of the Waite Vision team to schedule a consultation to learn more about PRK.


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