Zacuto's New GH6 Accessories Receive Rave Reviews

June 21, 2022 at 21:26

Chicago, Illinois -

Zacuto, a US based manufacturer of production-grade, filmmaking camera accessories and rigs, is pleased to announce that their accessories for Panasonic’s new Lumix GH6 have been received exceedingly well by customers. Zacuto’s design philosophy is to create reliable tools for filmmakers, designed by filmmakers.

At the end of February, Panasonic released their new mirrorless camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH6. Following this, Zacuto designed and released two accessories for it: a camera cage and a shoulder rig (Zacuto's signature "Recoil Rig" design). Both are great additions to a filmmaker’s arsenal of accessories if they are using the GH6.

Zacuto GH6 Camera Cage in Action

Zacuto’s ACT Panasonic GH6 Recoil Rig is an Arca-Swiss compatible shoulder rig with a lightweight camera cage. The recoil rig was designed specifically for the Panasonic GH6 camera, and as such, it is very well balanced, easy to customize and perfect for all-day filming. The recoil rig is designed for comfort when shoulder mounted and is easily configured to accommodate various shooting styles — tripod, cage, handheld, run-and-gun, low mode and many more. It also comes ready to use out of the box with the Panasonic Lumix GH6, including a free EVF.

Reviews for the recoil rig have been great. On the Adorama website, a 5-Star review shares that the customer previously used another line of products. Once they tried Zacuto, however, they say, “I immediately noticed quality differences. Now, I am in the process of purchasing all the Zacuto products. The ACT is a little heavy but very solid. Feels like this is gonna last very long... As for the EVF, I didn't expect a whole lot since it came in free. But presently surprised by its quality, especially the optics: it doesn't fog up like my Portleys EVF.”

Lightweight, compact, and ready to accommodate any shooting style, the GH6 camera cage is the perfect addition for a Lumix GH6. Designed specifically for the GH6, the cage has an integrated Arca-Swiss mount built into the bottom plate, which is compatible with Zacuto’s ACT Recoils and ACT Mounting Plate. Users can quick-release the cage or snap it into position with its easy to use locking system. On top of that, the GH6 camera cage includes everything a filmmaker would need to integrate with their entire filming setup, including but not limited to z-rail accessibility, ⅜” - 16 threads, ¼” - 20 threads, an ARRI-style rosette, and more that help mount the camera to other accessories (like tripods and shoulder rigs).

The camera cage has made a good impression on filmmakers who have used it. A review by a customer named Johnny on B&H Photo’s website says that the product is ‘Solid but lightweight.’ The review says that the product provides, “The usual solid build we come to expect from Zacuto. Camera mounts without any wiggle and the hand strap, mounting points, z-rails, rosette mount, and built-in arca-swiss compatible bottom plate are a plus.”

The shoulder rig has also been put through the paces and performs very well in stabilization testing. Much like with all of their other products, Zacuto’s dedication to quality shines through, which makes it obvious why their GH6 accessories have been well-received by filmmakers and big photography/videography brands like B&H and CineD.

Zacuto creates products designed to make filmmakers' lives easier and their long shooting days more comfortable and streamlined. The company’s line of Next Generation Recoil rigs are all about perfect balance for all day shooting. Their focus on high-end electronic equipment — such as their featured product, Z-Finder — and universal balanced rigs are the future of Zacuto and the industry. Led by head product designs and five time Emmy winners, Steve Weiss (Producer/Director) and Jens Bogehegn (Cinematographer), Zacuto has earned its name as the industry standard whether its Hollywood cinematographers, indie filmmakers, or event shooters.

Those who want to learn more about Zacuto’s GH6 accessories or their range of other high quality filmmaking tools should visit the company’s website. Their products can also be found anywhere high quality filmmaking products are sold. The Zacuto website also hosts a number of Zacuto original programs, including, ‘The Great Camera Shootout,’ ‘FilmFellas,’ ‘Light & Shadow’ and ‘Critics,’ all collaborative efforts between Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn.


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