Opinion: Biden still hasn't found his footing on these issues

July 22, 2021 at 04:00

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(CNN) Joe Biden's White House probably thinks it had a perfectly fine Wednesday night after the President's CNN town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio.
However, though Biden scored points on a big topic -- the Covid pandemic -- he has yet to find solid footing on the political landmines that await Democrats in the 2022 midterm election, chiefly inflation, the economy, immigration and crime.
The President was folksy and approachable, displaying empathy on the first topic -- an update on the pandemic.
Biden appeared to sincerely give a rip about regular people, which is how he beat Donald Trump last November.
Biden returned to this note late in the program when he talked about the mental health aspects of drug addiction.
I guess the bright side is that Biden expects schools to be open (they should've been opened during the last school year, but I digress).
He meandered on the inflation question, and again downplayed the idea that serious people are worried about it.
A great many serious people -- economists included -- are worried about it, and price increases are a real and present problem for working families.
There is no chance, despite Biden's claims, that enough Republicans will want to work with him on voting for the Democratic proposals on this topic.
Republicans find this rhetoric ridiculous, and see no need to federalize any part of our election system, even though Democrats want to.
Biden is right that helping them relocate to America is the decent thing to do.

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