University of Michigan football coaching legend's son says dad knew doctor was abusing athletes

June 10, 2021 at 19:46

(CNN) The son of the University of Michigan's legendary football coach, Bo Schembechler, alleged Thursday that he was sexually abused by a former team doctor being investigated by the school -- and that his father knew and did nothing.
The ex-players say they told the coach of Anderson's abuse.
Grewal described Anderson as a "pedophile predator" who Bo Schembechler protected.
Bo Schembechler died in 2006, Anderson two years later.
A report alleges Dr. Robert Anderson sexually abused University of Michigan athletes.
He told Bo Schembechler, who said he'd follow-up, but Johnson never heard back, he said.
"Coaches used to joke about him and actually threatened (a) Dr. Anderson exam if (they) did not think we were working hard enough," he said.
Kwiatkowski and Johnson are among the sources, and anonymously shared with investigators that they told Bo Schembechler about Anderson's behavior, Grewal told CNN.
"I can tell you unequivocally no one ever told Bo," Glenn Schembechler told the network last year.
Kwiatkowski recalled going to a Michigan reunion in 1999, where Anderson and Bo Schembechler were in attendance.
"Bo told me, 'Don't be afraid of me.
Even all these years later, I struggle with pain caused by Dr. Anderson and Bo.

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